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So, I just got this message...

--- facebookgirl97 wrote:
> I was reading a post where you said the following remarks
> women who get raped are responsible because they have vaginas
> and children who drown are to blame for not knowing how to swim
> as well as
> animals who are euthanised at shelters are to blame for being born in litters
> You BITCH are not even HUMAN! get the fuck off my internet and go back to whatever planet you came from because earth is for people!
> you good for nothing disgusting sack of whore-shit!
> I hope you are murdered in the worst way and die slowly!

I sent this back:

Wow... so either you're [livejournal.com profile] mrmokkori and have been festering your butthurt for 5 months and finally got around to creating a shadow account for the purpose of trolling more.

Or, you're a freaking moron.

If it's the former, if you weren't so pathetic you'd be funny.

If it's the latter, go check the definition of sarcsm, then go re-read the entire thread of comments between me and the moron mentioned above - here's the link http://wtf-inc.livejournal.com/8347018.html#comments.

Swallow your bile, sad person.

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but sheesh.... no way am I ignoring that level of stupid and vile personal attack.

Oh, troll also left a comment on my "friends-only" post...

Don't worry I wouldn't add a women hating child hating animal hating
whorebag cunt like you even if my life depended on it!

do the world a favor and kill yourself

I'm so devastated... I was really hoping I could be friends with a random idiot/troll who doesn't understand sarcasm and is incapable of reading accurately and comprehensively. Those are JUST my kind of people. Guess I'll go kill myself now.
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