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Feeling a bit out of sorts this morning i texted best girl and asked if she wanted to catch up for dinner this evening, she said yes and was also keen for sushi and suggested Wagayama in Chinatown... so we met up after work and because she'd had time to kill while waiting for my much later finish time, she'd been shopping and met me with presents! She bought me a TIARA!! it's sparkly and shiny and has a dangly bit and it's so pretty!! I love it!! And because we were going for sushi, she bought me very cute chopsticks and a case to keep them in! she's so generous and awesome :-)

So then she introduced me to Wagayama, which is a really cool japanese restaurant, lovely ambience, yummy food, and you order everything by touch screen on your table, which goes straight to the kitchen and then a waiter brings your food... so it's kind of like Japanese Tapas, order little bits as you want them, still hungry? order something else! Need another drink? tap tappity tap, hey presto waiter with a drink appears! I loved it... no need to decide everything you want in advance, no waiting for a waiter to take your order, no trying to catch their eye to get another drink, or the bill, you can sit and chat with your dinner companion uninterrupted and relaxed... very cool! Also, the tables are all kind of set around the central kitchen which has chest high walls and is otherwise open to the restaurant, so you can see what's going on, which i like!

And of course the company was exceptional... i love my best girl, she makes me happy all the time :-)



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