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She loves tea, but only with milk in it, and will stick her head in your mug as soon as you look away. She doesn't love coffee, and the face she pulls if she thinks she's stealing tea and discovers coffee instead is adorable in it's blatant disgust and disappointment.

She hears me walking up the street and jumps out the bedroom window to greet me nearly every night, meeting me where the driveway hits the footpath, and then walking down the driveway with me and coming in the front door. As soon as we're inside she starts asking for food, and follows me around while I go to the bathroom and get changed, yelling at me until I eventually feed her.

Sometimes, for reasons I can't even guess at, she decides that while I'm on the toilet is a good time for snuggles, and she'll stand with one paw on my knee, and oh so very gently reach up and tap my belly with her other paw until I pick her up and cuddle her.

When i am reading in bed, she lays along my hip/thigh. As soon as I turn the light off, she gets down and moves to the side of the bed so that when i roll over I can pat her and give her head rubs. She'll start off sitting, and smooshing her head into my hand to make sure I get the intensity and location of the head rubs exactly to her liking, and at some point, when it's good enough, she'll flomp onto her side, laying with her back to my belly, and let me keep gently patting her head as I fall asleep. This happens nearly every night.

In the evenings, when I'm sitting on the couch, she comes and settles beside me with her front feet resting on my thigh, and her bottom on the lounge, and she'll sit there and look up at me with seeming adoration, and not minding if I'm doing stuff on the laptop, or playing my ukulele. It makes me feel very loved.

She hates the heat, and will complain loudly, usually in my direction, when it's really hot. She also does this fantastically dramatic sideways full body flomp onto the floor, complete with huffy sigh, that ends with her sprawled and stretched out on the floorboards at which point she'll look to make sure I noticed, and then mew piteously... it's hilarious!

She loves men, always has... when she was a feral baby and i couldn't get near her for the hissy/claws-out fury, my significant-male-person-at-the-time, Steven, would come over and she would turn into a completely different animal, he'd scoop her up and she'd snuggle against him and purr. It baffled me. But she's the same with my dad. And she became like that with Spanky after he started taking hormones. Now when Spanky comes over she will stand at our feet as we're hugging and saying hello, and yell until he stops paying attention to me and starts paying attention to her, and if we're on the couch she has to be between us, or on him. I barely exist for her when Spanky is around.

She won't take food from my hands, even super tempting treats like roast chicken, the best I've managed to get her to do is licking and taking one or two super-tentative bites at it, and if I don't let go she'll look away and pretend she can't see it anymore, until I drop it on the floor where it magically becomes visible again and she'll hoover it up.

She won't eat anything that's not cut up in bite size pieces. She will sit beside it and yell at me until I cut it up properly.

She won't drink out of a bowl, she prefers the dripping tap in the bath. To drink from this, she jumps up onto the side of the bathtub, stands with her back feet on the corner, and her front feet braced one against the end of the tub, and one against the side, and then leans over to lick the drops of water directly from the tap. It seems unnecessarily precarious and challenging, but even if I change the water every day, she still won't drink from a bowl.

In winter, on particularly cold nights, she gets under the covers and wiggles around until she can put all four of her cold little feets pad-first against my skin to warm them up. Once her toes are warm she will wriggle around again so that her back is to me in the correct sleeping alignment.

She likes to come for snuggles after she's had dinner. This often means that she'll insistently climb on me and then burp in my face. She's also been known to climb on me post dinner and drop a saliva covered biccie onto my chest.

She frequently forgets to put her tongue all the way back in her mouth, and will sit with just the tip of it poking out, sometimes for a very long time.

She drools and snores in her sleep. She also twitches her whiskers a lot when she's dreaming.

She never jumps up on the kitchen bench, if I'm cutting up meat or chicken she will stand beside me and reach up and very gently pat the edge of the benchtop to get my attention and let me know she's there - in case the very loud meowing didn't tip me off - but that's as far as she'll go.

She won't let me pat her or pick her up if we're outside, even on the balcony. I think she's worried it will spoil her cred with the ferals. I don't have the heart to point out she has no cred. She wouldn't believe me anyway.

Sometimes she'll let me pick her up and perch her with her front paws over my shoulder, and my hand under her bum, and she'll happily sit there while i wander around the house doing things with one hand.

She hates me touching her paws, except sometimes, occasionally, when she's really relaxed and kneading I can slide my finger under her paw, so she's not digging her claws into me, and if she's relaxed enough she just keeps curling her paw around my fingertip.

She get all flirty sometimes, and will lay on the floor in front of me and kind of twist and roll so she's on her back, then look up at me, and wiggle some more... I say "hey flirtypants, whatcha doin'?" and she makes this little chirpy meow noise and wiggles some more... it's freaking adorable! She used to do it a lot, less though as she's gotten older.

She used to HATE her belly being rubbed, but she tolerates it now, and even kind of likes it sometimes i think, which makes me happy coz I love her squishy fluffy fludobbeders :-)

When I first got her it took me a couple of months to get to the point that she'd let me pat her or pick her up without hissing at me, and she would climb the curtains, and climb the bookcase and knock things off, or pee on books, actually she'd pee on everything - the floor, the couch, the bookcase, the dining table, her bed, clean clothes (never dirty ones, always the clean ones I hadn't put away). She'd hide under the couch and attack my ankles and feet, or climb the back of the couch and attack my head. She liked to chew my hair.

For the first half of her life she didn't really like other people, she'd hide any time I had people over to visit, unless it was Steven or my Dad, because MEN! Gradually, inexplicably, she decided that people were in fact awesome, and now even when new people come over she'll come say hi, and demand pats from them.

She doesn't like other cats overly much, she was actually segregated from her litter-mates when I bought her from Cat Protection Society, they were all in one cage together and she was in a separate cage beside them. Alone. Every time I've tried to introduce her to other felines she's been VERY unhappy and hissy about it, but she bonded fairly easily and quickly with my old dog when we had to move back in with mum. Also, I've watched her just sit and watch ferals skulk through our flat on their way to her food bowl without batting an eyelash. She's weird.

She got stung on the lip by something once, I don't know what, but her bottom lip swelled up all puffy, she looked like a Hollywood starlet for a week or so :-)

When we were living with mum, it took her about 6 months to figure out and work up the guts to go through the doggy door, and every time, every single time, from the first time she went through it till the day we moved out again, she'd do it the same way - tentatively push it with her paw till she could put her paw on the outside bottom edge of the opening, then gently, hesitantly, nudge with her face until her head was halfway through the door at which point she'd just launch herself through like a rocket, with an unnerving crash, as though she'd gotten a fright and taken off, but she hadn't, that was just how she managed the doggy door... careful, gentle, careful, slowly, slooooowly, careful GO!GO!GO!NOW!ALLTHEWAYTHROUGHANDOUTNOMESSINGABOUT!!! I wish I'd had a video camera on my phone at that point.

Also while living at mum's, she would regularly bring me dead things (birds mostly, sometimes mice) and leave them in the hallway outside my bedroom door, so I'd step on them in my bare feet when i got up in the morning. I was grateful she never brought them INTO the bedroom. i could never figure out how she managed to catch anything, as not only was she a very uncoordinated fatty, but she had TWO bells on her collar!

She likes to sit in the bath tub after I get out of the shower. She sometimes is waiting when I pull the curtain back and jumps in before I can even get out. She doesn't do anything in there, just sits in the water on the floor of the bath, watching the droplets join together and run down to the drain. I've never managed to get a photo of this, because as soon as I pull out the camera, she jumps out. Every time.

She likes being squished, being held really firmly when she's laying on me, or beside me... she also likes being held around the throat, and will even lean into my hand so the pressure on her throat is more intense, and I can feel her purr get harder and stronger... pervert kitty :-)

Date: 2014-04-02 09:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So much love.

I love some of her antics and habits.

No cred. *snorts* Like Doods... inside the house he's all 'I'm da man!' Outside the house he's a great, big wussy pants!

Date: 2014-04-02 10:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
it's a work in progress, this list of things i love about her... there's so much to remember and write down so I never forget...

LOL yeah, Doods loses cred for the fact that he freaks out if he has to stay outside when you're not home!! LOL, bless him!



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