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I dropped off some papers that Ange asked me to print yesterday, and afterwards while leaning against the property wall at the bus stop, I heard a mewing sound, seemingly very close to me. I looked around and could not see a cat, and was stepping forward to have a look down the drain in the gutter in front of me when I heard it again and realised it came from... above??? me. I spun around and yes, it had come from above me, for perched on the top of the somewhat-over-6-foot wall was a rather cute black cat. Completely black, not a speck or whisker of white anywhere on her. I said hello, she chirped back at me and did the kitty flirt of dropping her head to the side and rubbing it along the tiles and then stretching down towards me, so of course I obliged and reached up to give her scritches... I am a wee bit superstitious about black cats... I don't think they're necessarily any more evil than other cats, but I also don't think it hurts to be extra nice and obliging when one so clearly indicates that she would like you to rub behind her ears.

Black Kitty and Mr Pie )

Puppy love

Apr. 14th, 2009 03:24 pm
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I puppy-sat for Kate and Joe last night... Charlie is utterly adorable, except for the hour and a half after bedtime, during which time she cried and howled and yipped non-stop from the hallway... until I caved and let her sleep on the lounge with me... then she was adorable again...

Also adorable is Joe who got up at 7:30 this morning, two hours after they arrived home from Byron, and drove me to work... I like being driven to work, it's sooooooo much nicer than catching the train... especially when I get to snuggle a cute puppy on the way :)

Puppy snuggles are good for the soul... it's true.



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