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Jun. 9th, 2009 10:28 pm
I've been so slack with the journalling of life, but I'm working on catching up...

The Holiday with Michelle - including birthday shenanigans, nakedness, Asado, and general love )
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I have a Michelle :) I love having a Michelle :)

I had an early birthday present/surprise today... best boy told me last Monday that I had to be available in the early afternoon today for my birthday present... so I mentioned to Michelle that I would have to leave her alone on Saturday afternoon... she pouted... so today we got dressed, I dressed "nice" as suggested, and Michelle was in her jeans and top as usual, and we headed into town... me to meet best boy, and her to do some shopping until I called her again...

Met up with best boy, and headed into the QVB and upstairs to The Tea Room... yay surprise High Tea!! (ok, not entirely a surprise coz I had kind of sort of guessed)... he excused himself and left me to wait in the foyer while he went to the bathroom.. he was gone a rather long time, came back and mentioned that there was a little window where you could see through into one of the small domes usually blocked off ... which sounded cool so we went back down the corridor to have a look, and it was very cool... the sandstone blocks of the inner building and the timber lining of the dome... very very cool!

So then we headed back out and who should be standing there, all dressed up in a fabulous frock and high heels, but Michelle! Those sneaky brats!! It was very lovely and happy-making :)

So we went in and had high tea... which was just delightful...

I am lucky and spoilt and blessed...

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May. 25th, 2005 12:09 pm
Stuff that's good:

* My mother not coming to stay with me when my brother's baby is born as her husband is coming as well now and they are going to stay with a friend of theirs far far away from me

* They found a better hire car deal than they originally had AND this one has an outlet at the airport so I am off the pressure hook of being asked (required) to pick up the hire car for them and collect them from the airport

* I am going to New Zealand tomorrow for five days staying with my beloved Goddess and relaxing and hanging out and having some much needed escape from the whirlwind my life has been the last few weeks

* Cake

* A someone getting wishes coming true and being all happy and excited about it

* Ms L making an offer on a house just 15 minutes away from me and planning on moving down from the mountain... and the gentle development of our friendship..

* Falling in love

* Hearing a friend who I always felt kind of disapproved of my life tell me she's kind of jealous of the life I live and enjoys how vastly different our worlds are because it keeps her mind from getting stuck in a narrow rut

Stuff that's not so good...

* My mother telling me that she got a serve from her brother who got a serve from Evil Nanna because I didn't ring, or send a card to her when Vile Ron died. Mum telling me I'm inconsiderate and impolite. I told her I was sorry she and my uncle had been drawn into it and agreed to play, but I wasn't going to and if Evil Nanna had an issue with me then let her tell ME about it... she reiterated that she thought I should have at least sent a card out of politeness, I had been raised better than that, and I let the silence on the phone spin out until she realised I was not going to buy in, sighed and changed the subject. It's really hard to sit out that kind of silence, but I knew if I spoke I would attempt to defend myself, giving tacit agreement that I had done something that required defending... and nothing I had to say would have been productive.

* My brother didn't even call me to wish me a happy birthday

* My car is about to fall to pieces and I can't afford to get her fixed, she's not worth selling, and I can't afford a new one.

* I haven't had more than 5 hours sleep in any 24 hour period since last Friday... I'm manic with sleep deprivation...
Chocolate cake for breakfast

and morning tea

and afternoon tea



Funny cards ("I'd hate to advocate drugs, alcohol or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me" - Hunter S Thompson)

Phone calls and emails from urban family to wish me a happy day.



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