Usually when I dream, it's disjointed and in fragments that often have no/little relation to each other. But sometimes, my dreams are more like watching a movie, there is a story that unfolds and is easy to follow, and it flows through from beginning to end.

Friday night I had such a dream.

I was running an SLPA workshop, and Shaun Micallef turned up, doing research on SM for a book he was writing. We got to talking afterwards, and he asked if we could go for a coffee so he could pick my brain some more. We went for coffee and chatted lots. He got my number in case he had more questions.

He rang, we met up again, and then again, and then he turned up with flowers and it dawned on me that we were dating. Old-fashioned dating. Dinner, flowers, wooing. That freaked me out and we had A Conversation. He was persuasive, and charming, and I was flattered, and so then we were officially dating. There was kissing. After the 5th date, there was sex. He was a kink novice, but good at taking direction and enthusiastic. It was dirty and fun.

There was more dating, and more sex, and he was smart and funny and interesting and dirty and smooooooth and bizarrely very into me and it was all really lovely but just dating, and then he asked me to be his date to the Logies. I didn't want to go, because I would ruin his image and would look fat and frumpy next to all the starlets and WAGS. We had The Conversation and the L word was used and the G word was used and exclusivity was pledged and he talked me into going to the Logies with him. The clincher was getting me a gorgeous frock custom made and organising makeup and hair so I'd look "even more beautiful"... so we were off to the Logies and then I woke up. Slightly disappointed that I didn't get to find out what happened next, but mostly just thinking "What the FUCK?!?!?!?"

I don't DISlike Shaun Micallef, but I'm not exactly a fan, the silver hair works for me but that's about it, and it was just WEIRD. This is the short version, the dream itself was much more detailed. It was like a RomCom movie starring me and Shaun Micallef, but real...

Sooooooooooooooo bizarre.
More weird dreamings last night... as far as i can remember I was dancing with my Dad at his wedding, but then it wasn't Dad it was best boy and we were in a dance-a-thon and I was tired and wanted to stop but he wouldn't let me because there were only a few other dancers left, and I was all "no no this is stupid I'm going" and so he snogged me to distract me from wanting to leave, which, even IN the dream had me going "Erm, wtf???", and so we danced a bit longer while I was confused about him snogging me, and then he decided he was bored so we left and went and got icecream instead and we were eating icecreams at circular quay and watching the ferries and i remembered that Zoo had invited me to a sock party, so I had to go, and I gave my half-eaten icecream to the lady who lives in the corner of the train station there and caught the train, which apparently was where Zoo's sock party was, only it was a COCK sock party and everyone was nekkid except for their cock-socks which were regular socks, stuffed with filler and sutured into place, so the train carriage was full of mostly female-bodied people, naked and running around with sock stuffies of varying colours and sizes and patterns sutured to their girl bits, there was lots of squealing and hilarity and I didn't have a sock and didn't want to take my clothes off so I just kind of hid near the doors and got out at the next station...

I'm sure Freud would have a field day with this one!!


Aug. 7th, 2009 01:08 pm
quiregrrl: (Dancing/Gay)
I won the cute polka dot panniers! Only $4 over budget including postage! Huzzah!

have successfully ridden to the station and home every day this week. Riding on the road feels surprisingly safer than riding on the foot path, pedestrians are scary and unpredictable and annoying and listen to MP3 players...

My nethers kind of hurt when I'm sitting on the bike, I am sure this will get better soon, but for the time being... ow... also, cycling apparently uses bum muscles and apparently nothing else I do really uses these because so far that's the only muscular ache I've had ...

I am so seriously unfit and seriously need to cut back on the smokes... hills, even quite low-gradient ones, defeat me. But I figure that walking a pushbike up a hill will still contribute to eventually being able to pedal it up there, and I pedal as far up the hill as I can until I'm going so slow that I can't balance anymore before I get off... The voices in my head for once are unified in cheering me on which is a beautiful thing :)

I have lots of good stuff happening this weekend... looking forward to it!

I had a very strange, somewhat biblical dream the other night... the bit I remember most distinctly (and this was just a small part of the whole) was that there was a giant snake wrapped around a tree and I'd gone there with a guy friend to climb the tree only we couldn't because the snake was there, so he was standing in front of it distracting it so that I could sneak up and grab it around the neck, which I did with much aplomb and I got it in a headlock (REALLY big snake) and accidentally hit the trigger point that made it spit all it's venom out (which I thought was ace, but I totally didn't know how I did it) but then it started talking and telling me off for being so mean to it, in this kind of whiny voice, and I felt really bad... meanwhile the guy was sitting on a picnic rug watching all this and eating an apple only he did not look like the guy I knew it was, he had kind of poofy wavy hair, a bit Hugh Grant-ish circa Four Weddings and a Funeral... very very odd, and oddly biblical in it's symbolism... not sure I really want to think too closely about what it all means!

I am getting slammed at work at the moment, it's good because it keeps me engaged and busy, but eeeeesh... lunch breaks and leaving on time would be nice... just occassionally, mind... ah well, caffiene is my friend!

Woo Friday Happy Dance!!!
I had an odd dream the night before last... I can't remember all of it, but the bit I can remember is that I dreamt that I was knitting a skirt from wire and bones and I ran out of bones and had to get more... I was going to take them out of my left hand but then i realised I wouldn't be able to knit, so I was trying to talk other people into letting me have their bones for my skirt, and I kept explaining that it wouldn't hurt much because all i had to do was just cut in the right spot and then pull their bones out with tweezers, just like deboning a fish, and I wouldn't take all of them, just a couple from here and there, but no-one would let me, and I was really upset because I couldn't finish my skirt and I needed it for the ball...

The dream shifted then, and I don't remember if I ever managed to finish my skirt and go to the ball... but I was very disappointed that no-one would let me pull out just one or two of their smaller bones...

In other news, someone sent me this link, to an embalming supplies company... Oh my but i wanna play with those toys :)



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