I've been very slack in doing the post-holiday tales and pictures and whatnot, but I am getting to it I promise!

Shabangabang was beautiful and amazing as ever, spending time with the Goddess was a luxury and a treat, and my holiday was wonderful and relaxing and stunning and completely awesome!

I have put some pics on Facebook, for those of you more inclined to be looking there... and will be posting them again here at some point (hopefully) today with accompanying tales... but in the meantime, I managed to get some (slightly dodgy) videos, which are below for your viewing pleasure.

pretty highway driving, baby seals frolicking, stunning views and a sexy bottom! )
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It surprises me that I can still be surprised by people who behave badly... for all that I try to be cynical I guess I just can't help but look for the best in people. I must work on that. Kill the inner Pollyanna. KILL! Also, remember to listen closer to the voices emanating from my gut... there's lots of soundproofing between them and my ears but I do still hear them, and I should pay attention and trust them. They know when someone is lying. After all, we've had plenty of experience with liars.


Pleasant evening and dinner out had a shadow cast over it when I arrived back at the station and discovered that some fucker, for no good reason, had ripped the streamers out of Dutchie's handlebars, tearing one apart and leaving it strewn on the footpath in sad little splashes of bright, and chucking the other one in the gutter... pointless and mean. Why are people such haemorrhoids? I salvaged the one from the gutter, but they actually tore the end off the pluggy bit in the handlebar, so the pluggy bit is still stuck in there with no way to get it out, and it would be a bit pathetic and pointless to reattach just one streamer. I am actually quite sad about this, they were a gift, and they made me happy, and I just don't understand why someone would be so mean as to destroy them.

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catching up

Jun. 9th, 2009 10:28 pm
I've been so slack with the journalling of life, but I'm working on catching up...

The Holiday with Michelle - including birthday shenanigans, nakedness, Asado, and general love )



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