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I never finished writing about my holiday... and now so much time and stuff has elapsed that I can't remember it all, I'll do my best though...

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I've been very slack in doing the post-holiday tales and pictures and whatnot, but I am getting to it I promise!

Shabangabang was beautiful and amazing as ever, spending time with the Goddess was a luxury and a treat, and my holiday was wonderful and relaxing and stunning and completely awesome!

I have put some pics on Facebook, for those of you more inclined to be looking there... and will be posting them again here at some point (hopefully) today with accompanying tales... but in the meantime, I managed to get some (slightly dodgy) videos, which are below for your viewing pleasure.

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When I find someone to love who loves me back** and we decide that we should go on a romantic holiday together, this is the romantic holiday I want to go on.


Horse-drawn gypsy caravan through outback Victoria, set off and travel on your own, whereever you want to go, the operators will come and meet you in the evening and morning to help with the horse for the first few days at least, secluded, quiet, slow, relaxed, and with a horsey to play with!

I don't even care that it's essentially really expensive camping...

** or you know, someone who is willing to shag me and talk to me...
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I got a bit worried on Friday when mum emailed me and asked what my weekend plans were, because that's very out of character for her... I thought "oh, she's suspicious and fishing", so I replied and blithely lied with weekend commitments...

Flew down early on Saturday morning, and was met at the airport by her husband (who I call Roger, even though his name is Silvio). He had told mum he was going fishing, and got friends of theirs in on it as well to further allay suspicion, so when Michelle called mum for their weekly gossip on Friday she casually threw in "Greg wants to know what time Silvio is picking him up tomorrow to go fishing?"... it's a good hour and a bit drive from Launceston to thier place, so we got home about lunch time, and Roger went in first and called out "Come see what I caught"... mum had absolutely NO idea, not even a smidge of suspicion... she came out into the hallway and I sooooooooo wish I'd had a camera to get a pic of her face, it was absolutely priceless! She started crying and ran down the hallway and hugged me so hard I thought I was gonna pop! She spent the next hour in almost constant contact with me, hugging me, holding my hand, patting my head, kissing me, and saying over and over "I can't believe it, I just can't believe it". YAY!!!!!! I'm so impressed that we managed to surprise her, mum is notoriously nosy and switched on and suspicious!!

The weekend was quite lovely, we didn't do much really, hung out on Saturday afternoon/evening, chatting and baking cookies, and playing scrabble... Sunday we went to Penguin for the markets, and had lunch in a lovely cafe right on the water, and mum bought me some fabulous fabric from the markets (bright pink fluffy fleecy with elephants all over for $2/m huzzah!) and we went home and I sewed new jarmies (ooohhhh the luxury of sewing with an overlocker!). Monday we had a look at the house mum wants to buy if she sells hers in time, hung out in Sheffield (her nearest town), did some errands, and then drove over to Launceston for more errands and stuff, checked in for my flight and found out it was delayed, went for dinner, went back to airport and found it was delayed even further, hung out at the airport, eventually the plane turned up, mum and roger went home, I got on it and came home... very laid back weekend, but it was nice, she only drove me a little bit mad right towards the very end, and it was all totally worth it to give her such a good surprise... it makes me very happy to have made her so happy :)

catching up

Jun. 9th, 2009 10:28 pm
I've been so slack with the journalling of life, but I'm working on catching up...

The Holiday with Michelle - including birthday shenanigans, nakedness, Asado, and general love )
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I have made two bookings this week that have me very excited.

1. I have booked a time to get my next ink done! I was really hoping to have it done in the next week, because I want it NOW DAMMIT!! But no, I must be patient and wait four weeks. Good inkers are busy inkers it seems. Still, I've been yearning for more for about two years, so another four weeks won't kill me.

2. I have booked flights to and from Christchurch at the end of October. Jetstar had a super cheap sale on, I'm paying $330 return... for fares that cheap I had to bite the bullet and get them now. Which means in just under 20 weeks I will be visiting the Goddess at HER place, for nearly two weeks. I'm going to wear jandals, and take a chully bun whin we go en a pucnuc, ut wool beeyace, ay?




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