This morning I slept through my alarm and woke up at 7:50am. Oops. I managed to have a shower, get dressed, stop at the atm, buy a new weekly, and still make my train at 8:20... I ROCK!!! And mostly because of Dutchy, there's no way on earth I would have made it if I hadn't ridden to the station :)

I confess I was a bit naughty this morning, but gosh it made me feel good :) All the traffic was stopped for someone attempting to reverse park on Beamish street, but coz I was running so late I thought "fuck it" and went zipping down between the parked cars and traffic, and then swerved in front of the bus, at the front of the line of stopped traffic, to go around the reversing car, but I got to the head of the line a fraction before the bus driver decided the reverser was far enough in that he could now go around him, so as he took his foot off the brake I appeared in front of him pedalling my fat little legs as hard as I could... I think I must have startled him coz he honked at me even though he was not really in any danger of hitting me... I gave him rock horns as I swerved to go up on the footpath for the last block :) I'm usually very good about obeying road rules and not weaving through traffic, but I was running late... that's my excuse... plus it makes me very happy when I go zooooom past cars and buses... I feel kind of invincible :) Yes yes, I know I'm a dork, and I know I'm not invincible... but it's fun :) AND i made my train and wasn't late to work! \m/

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Standing on the island in the middle of Eddy Ave this morning, the woman in front of me finished rummaging in her bag, and slung it back on her shoulder...

it's so fabulously wrong and bizarre and creepy... i want one!!!
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Someone has covered the entrance to the old toilet block in Taylor Square with a lovely yellow-toned knitted cosy... complete with knitted condom vending machine... it makes me smile every morning :)

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Life is going quite well for me at the moment... the highlight of this week was the arrival of my new boots...

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i have beautiful, made-to-my-measurements, knee-high leather boots, which are comfy, and fabulous. I was filled with massive amounts of happiness and joy the first time I put them both on and zipped them up and beheld my legs from the knee down wrapped in sexy black leather... the ONLY problem with them, is that the leather is super super soft, deliciously soft, baby soft... why is this a problem? Well, my boots fall down... as in I put them on, zip them up to my knees, and by the time I've walked to the bus stop I am wearing mid-calf boots with a fold at the ankle... not quite sure what to do about that... they need like, corset boning up the sides or something!!!

I still love them though :)

In other news, I had my palm read yesterday by The Other Tammy At Work (hereafter known as TOTAW)...

She said I'm VERY independent, and VERY stubborn and I like things to be my way and I know my own mind... duh! She also said I have very strong spirituality lines, and they intersect with lines that apparently indicate I'm good at counselling other people and she said I should study and become a social worker or counsellor. Apparently, around my 60s I will dive very deeply into the spiritual stuff, I'll be living here but my head will be more connected to another world entirely. I asked if that was possibly dementia, but she said no. She also said that I have a strong sixth sense that I used naturally when I was a child, and then stopped using it, but I will start to develop it more from around 35-40yo... I will live to at least my 80s... there are four major relationships in my life and lots of smaller ones, the fourth big one I will let my head rule... in my late 30s/early 40s I will be working two jobs, and the second will gradually take precedence and become my main job... and she also said I have very strong creativity and I will tap into it more in my late 30's, and that's possibly connected to the second job...


there has been lots of stuff in my head lately about spirituality, and a swing within myself back to the beliefs and practices, and I guess, devotion, I held to spirituality in my late teens/early twenties. Not that it ever really went away, but I'm paying more attention to stuff lately, and being more deliberate, and I'm finding that things are shifting for me, and I am feeling more centred, and happy, and balanced.

I'm always a bit hesitant to talk about my spirituality, partly because it can sound a bit nutty, but mostly because it is quite a personal thing for me. But I'm feeling the tug of church again, and I think in the next week or two I may venture to a service, and see if there is still anything there for me.

In completely other news, I'm contemplating the purchase of a pushbike. I think I want a pushy. It shall have to have a basket on the front of course, and ribbons on the handlebars. I've done some research, I'm waiting to see how my tax return looks before deciding though, as I have to get a new passport ($200!!!! more than doubled in price since the last one!) and also fund my holiday in NZ in October/November, only 14 weeks from now.

And finally, on Tuesday I noticed that they'd taken the rainbow flags down around Taylor Square, and how bare and barren it looked... on Wednesday morning the heavens took care of it...

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Morning on Oxford St

That, folks, is a bottle of Passion Pop. Ahhhhh to be 14 again.
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I dropped off some papers that Ange asked me to print yesterday, and afterwards while leaning against the property wall at the bus stop, I heard a mewing sound, seemingly very close to me. I looked around and could not see a cat, and was stepping forward to have a look down the drain in the gutter in front of me when I heard it again and realised it came from... above??? me. I spun around and yes, it had come from above me, for perched on the top of the somewhat-over-6-foot wall was a rather cute black cat. Completely black, not a speck or whisker of white anywhere on her. I said hello, she chirped back at me and did the kitty flirt of dropping her head to the side and rubbing it along the tiles and then stretching down towards me, so of course I obliged and reached up to give her scritches... I am a wee bit superstitious about black cats... I don't think they're necessarily any more evil than other cats, but I also don't think it hurts to be extra nice and obliging when one so clearly indicates that she would like you to rub behind her ears.

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In the past month:

I made Goth Fairy Wings

Max was a couch jockey

Mel & Suze explored the rock pools at La Perouse

I played at being a jolly viking

I saw a giant on my way to work... (the people standing around this man are average height)

I saw a very cool stool at an internet cafe... (ironic that they were chained down and therefore could not fulfill their destiny)

I cooked brussels sprouts and they were delish!

For Fluffy

Feb. 24th, 2009 11:38 am
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I only have a crappy phone camera, hence the crappy pictures... but this guy is sitting on my window sill at work and he has the prettiest feathered antenna, I just had to get photos :)



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