Well this will be a test of my typing, I can't actually see the screen very well... I moved over the last few days, very glad it's over!! I hate moving... Wednesday was official move day, the removalists rang at 8:45 (they were due at 9) to tell me that his offsider had left a text message at 4am saying he was sick and couldn't work, but the main guy had found someone else and could still move me that day, but couldn't be there till 10... they finally arrived at 10:45... just a bit more stress!! Everything else went quite smoothly tho which was good... I did run out of boxes when packing, so I had to unpack some stuff at the new place and than take boxes back that night and pack and move more stuff... and I went back again yesterday and got another carload of stuff (bits and pieces, cleaning stuff etc) and cleaned the old place, left my keys.... felt good to officially not live there anymoe!

Had choir rehearsal last night, so I only managed to get about 3/4 unpacked before then, and it was a late night as it was our final rehearsal before the big concert tomrrow night, all went reasonably well, I'm feeling fairrly confident at least!! I had to go back to work today, which was just feral, i was so busy, I worked from 9 - 6 with no break at all... yech! Tonight I have finished unpacking and sorting stuff out and it now looks like someone lives here, rather than someone just moved in! That's a happy thing... I still need to stick my picture wall up, and have to get some of those removable hooky thinkgs to hang some frames and so on, and I need to get a telephone extension for the computer, there's only one phone outlet and it's a long way from the 2nd bedroom where I have the computer now, so at the moment I am in my armchair in the loungeroom, with the keyboard on my lap, the tower on the floor beside me and the monitor on my coffee table... not ideal, particularly as I'm too lazy to go get my glasses and sitting this far from the screen i can't read a damn thing... this is probably full of mistakes, but as i said, good test for my touch typeing ability, I am a secretary after all!!

I have a huge weekend ahead, have to make platters of nibbly foods for the post-concert party tomorrow night, went shopping on my way home from work and spent $200 on dips and antipasto and cheese... ouch!! Miss J is coming for coffee tomorrow morning which will be lovely, haen't seen her for ages and miss my angel jayne... she can help me make platters!! LOL!!! I have to be at the theatre from 2:30 fo tech run final rehearsal and so on, and then don't leave until after the post-concert party... HUGE ay... Roz is staying tomorrow night after the concert which will be good to catch up with her too, and I think we're going for yjm cha with spanky on Sunday morning... Sunday arvo I plan to nap... I am just exhausted after this week... and it's not even over yet...

off to bed now... yay, sleeeeeep!!!! sleeeeep is goooooooooooood!!!!
I'm stuffed... have spent the day packing and I'm still not done, although the main stuff is in boxes and what's not will be easy for me to move myself in the car, so I'm off to bed soon... I rang the removalist I booked from LOTL (lovely gay boy, sadly, no butch dykes on his payroll...) to ask a stupid question this morning and he said "Oh I was just about to ring you, we can't move you tomorrow" AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fortunately he had rung around and got me someone else who will do it for the same price, but they can only do it if they come at 9am, instead of 11 as I'd booked so I have to be up extra early in the morning, on the positive side though everything will be moved by midday, and I will have more time to get everything unpacked and organised in the afternoon... I can't sleep on moving day until everything is unpacked and in it's place, fortunately, I'm MUCH better at taking stuff out of boxes than putting it in!! I've also been slowed down by going through everything and chucking out about 5 garbage bags of stuff, feels good to have a clean out, i haven't done that in YEARS!

In other news, I am up to about $230 in sponsorship for the WGS, woohoo!! Going bald in two weeks :o)
Keeping this first entry fairly short because it's late and i'm tired and i have a big day of packing boxes ahead of me tomorrow!! I'm moving the day after tomorrow (wednesday) and I have done absolutely ZERO packing, i was planning on getting started on the weekend, doing some tonight, and finishing up tomorrow, but i got distracted (as usual), and found better things to do (procrastinate? me? surely not..) and now I'm starting to feel panicked!! Oh well, I have 35 hours before the removalists are due, plenty of time to box up my life!!

The things that distracted me on the weekend were Gurlesque with Lesley, Cub and Rox, on Saturday night, which was lots of fun... highlight was definitely the Fat Bottom Burlesque Dancers, they were gorgeous and luscious and dead sexy, a real treat to see!! Close second was the lovely Christa Hughes shaking her stuff in a tribute to the classic "Risky Business" shirt/jocks/socks scene... and a nicely packed pair of jocks they were too *G*

Sunday I was distracted by yum cha with the same three, and then mardi gras Fair Day... I dyked the stall for a couple of hours with Spanky, and then we wandered around and took in all the Fair Day sights... was fun as always! I left as it was starting to rain and the storm hit as I was on the bus, so when I got off I sat in the bus shelter and took my boots and socks off and then splashed the two blocks back to my car, bright pink helium balloon tied to my wrist, grinning like an idiot, jumping in puddles and generally behaving like a 4 year old... very happy-making :o)

I had to work today, and was frantic all day, so I didn't get home until about 8:30 and I had to go out again about 11 to get boxes from Woolies for packing... the highlight of today was informing everyone that I'm taking part in the Worlds Greatest Shave fundraiser for the Leukaemia Foundation... I decided that if I get $300 in sponsorship I will shave my head... so far, after one day, I'm up to $215!!! Very cool... Spanky said she'd donate extra if she could be the one to shave my head, and really, I can't think of anyone I'd rather let near my head with clippers!! So that will be happening around the 10th of March, AFTER my brother's birthday party which will make mum happy!!

alrighty, bed time i think... must sleep, get up early, sort my life into an assortment of cardboard boxes ready for the big move to Campsie... as much as I hate and dread moving, I'm kind of getting excited now!



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