Standing on the island in the middle of Eddy Ave this morning, the woman in front of me finished rummaging in her bag, and slung it back on her shoulder...

it's so fabulously wrong and bizarre and creepy... i want one!!!
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1. My bum hurts

2. Pay day is Happy Day!!!

3. My mum is excellent and so is her subby hubby :)

4. I have a day off on Friday, and happy plans to fill it :)

5. I also have excellent plans for Saturday AND Sunday! :)

6. I got a referral this afternoon for super world famous person/national treasure and really struggled to not say "OMG are you serious???" and I can't say anything about it, even who it is, but I kind of want to go see where he/she or they live :)

7. Twix PB (like a twix, but with choccie biscuit, and "peanut butter" instead of caramel) is very very disappointing. Sad :(

8. This made me laugh :)

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I dropped off some papers that Ange asked me to print yesterday, and afterwards while leaning against the property wall at the bus stop, I heard a mewing sound, seemingly very close to me. I looked around and could not see a cat, and was stepping forward to have a look down the drain in the gutter in front of me when I heard it again and realised it came from... above??? me. I spun around and yes, it had come from above me, for perched on the top of the somewhat-over-6-foot wall was a rather cute black cat. Completely black, not a speck or whisker of white anywhere on her. I said hello, she chirped back at me and did the kitty flirt of dropping her head to the side and rubbing it along the tiles and then stretching down towards me, so of course I obliged and reached up to give her scritches... I am a wee bit superstitious about black cats... I don't think they're necessarily any more evil than other cats, but I also don't think it hurts to be extra nice and obliging when one so clearly indicates that she would like you to rub behind her ears.

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blah blah

May. 8th, 2005 10:51 am
Stuff that's happened in the last few days...
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I was digging through an old paper journal in search of the quote I've now posted in my front page thing, and discovered this list I wrote about 4 years ago... thought I'd add it here for amusement...

1. Live and work overseas
2. Travel to every continent
3. Be the healthiest I can be (lose weight)
(I have since decided that losing weight is not synonymous with being healthy, and I'm pretty damn good as I am!)
4. Learn to fly a plane or helicopter
5. Restore/renovate an old house
6. Live in the country
(can't imagine why i put this in, am hereby scrapping it!)
7. Grown my own organic veges
8. Stop being neurotic about insignificant things
(have actually achieved this compared to when i wrote it...)
9. Fall in love and stay there
(feel the need to quantify, i want to fall in love and be loved in return, and stay that way as long as it is healthy and right and working, and be insightful enough to know when it's time to move on and let go)
10. Save money
11. Have a least one child
(yeah, not so sure about this one anymore...)
12. Raise my kid(s) to be free-spirited, open-minded, confident, independent beings
13. Do volunteer work
(done it, do it, yay me!)
14. Do a massage therapy course
15. Make sure the people I love never doubt it
(done it, do it, yay me!!)
16. Gypsy around Australia in a bus/campervan
17. Parachute
18. Learn to surf
(what was I thinking? I hate the beach and am completely unco... strike this!)
19. Own a convertible
20. Learn to belly dance
21. Learn basic car maintenance
22. Do a wood working course
23. Do a metalwork course and make myself a wrought iron bed
24. Sing at karaoke sober
(sang at the work xmas party last year a capella, close enough, tick this!)
25. Hang-glide
26. Dye my hair purple
(have done this, and pink too, and purple with pink stars :o) Tick!)
27. Accomplish playing the guitar
28. Live debt free
29. Sponsor a child
30. Make my own furniture
31. Do a millinery course
32. Spend a weekend at a luxury spa, getting massaged and wrapped in seaweed and bathed in mud etc
(what was I thinking? I would hate this... strike it!)
33. Learn to read Tarot properly
(have half-achieved this, am competent but don't practice very often)
34. Meditate regularly
(yup, tick this!)
35. Embrace change without fear
36. Seek the positive in life
(very in touch with my inner pollyanna, tick!)
37. Don't compromise happiness to security
38. Achieve professional satisfaction and recognition
39. Learn italian
40. Stay at a nudist retreat
(I think i was on drugs when I wrote this... strike it!)
41. Do a bar/cocktail making course
42. Learn to rollerblade
(why?? why why why??? my life is complete without rollerblades...)
43. Own my own business
(have a more definitive plan for this now... steps towards to begin soon!)
44. Kiss the Blarney Stone
45. Find a sport I actually enjoy participating in
(I hate sport, I'm okay with that, strike this!)
46. Exercise every day
(I hate exercise, I like who I am, strike this!)
47. Grow my hair down to my bum
(got half way down my back and gave up because my hair just looks crap that long.. strike this)
48. Spend Christmas volunteering at a homeless shelter



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