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I never finished writing about my holiday... and now so much time and stuff has elapsed that I can't remember it all, I'll do my best though...

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BB: You SO need that on a t-shirt! That f'n rocks!

Me: You mean "I have a brain and I'm not afraid to use it"? LOL yeah, that would be good on a Tee :)

BB: I see a pic on that shirt like a Charlie's Angel or Wonder Woman type holding a dripping brain like it's a weapon...


"It's a year since a study into brain reanimation went badly wrong and the first zombies staggered out of a laboratory and took their interest in brain science to a more gastronomical level. While survivors try to rebuild their lives, the zombies are proving that you
can teach a reanimated corpse new tricks, and are becoming more elusive and harder to swing a cricket bat at. Into this new world order comes an unlikely hero. She might be fat, she might be slow, but she's got brains and she's not afraid to use them - She is, The Zombie Trapper!"

insert pic as you described, with big cage in the background, half-filled with zombies :)


I wish I could draw good....
I was up and out of the house ridiculously early this morning, I was on the train at 6:54am. I am never even awake at that time usually. But by 7:20 I was milling on a platform at Central Station with about 25 other members of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir, and two folks from Nova FM radio station... the train pulled in, we started singing and piled on... we were heading for Redfern, and so there were about 4 people total in the carriage. FAIL! We sang all the way to Redfern, got off, kept singing for a bit and then stopped. It was silly and pointless and funny and fun... and at least Redfern station was full of people who were bemused and amused by a bunch of queers singing gospel at 7:30 in the morning!

I was at work at 8:15am. TOT nearly fell of her chair when I walked through the door with my coffee in hand 45 minutes earlier than usual. Speaking of work, the unheard of has happened, we're being paid to do overtime!! the next however many Saturdays it takes, starting tomorrow, we're transferring old Alcohol & Drug patient records onto the database and shredding the paper files, huuuuuuuge and mind-numbing task but it's time and a half for the first two hours, and double time after that, so for 8 hours every saturday, and probably at least a month of saturdays, I'm in. At least I have a rostered day off this Monday so I still get a proper weekend :)

I've participated in absolutely nothing related to Gay Xmess this year, other than singing on the train this morning... I may go and watch the parade as I'll be finishing work at 4pm two blocks away, but honestly, I probably won't as I'd be on my own and I need backup in a crowd... we'll see.

I had a haircut on Tuesday night, yay for proper fringe i can see past and velvety shaved undercut :) Unfortunately the scheduling meant I only made it to one aquarobics class this week, and with no aquaporko tomorrow I feel guilty for not doing enough... shall try for Monday morning 'robics class so I get three classes next week. Also, I think I may have found another exercisey thing I want to try... hooping! I went here: http://www.hooping.org/ and there are instructions on making your own hoop and making it the right size so that it's easier (bigger IS better!) and there's a community forum including a curvy hoopers forum, and apparently it's really good for cardio and core strength, and once you start doing more moves you can workout arms and legs as well, and it looks like FUN, and ... y'know... Hula Hooping!!!! so yeah, I shall try to get to Bunnings on the weekend and price some irrigation tubing to make me a hoop :) Best boy promised that if I buy/make myself a hoop, he will buy me the instructional DVD for learning tricks and stuff, yay :) speaking of best boy, he bought me a water bottle for to encourage me to drink more water and less coffee and coke zero... it's PINK!

it holds a bit over 600ml, and it's working coz I've emptied it into me nearly three times today already :) I still failed hard at sticking to one coffee today however, but y'know, I got four hours sleep last night and a very early start, so I needed something to keep me upright. I've managed to stick to one coffee every other day this week, and still no coke, or anything else either.

I have matching bruises across the tops of both my knees, and no idea how they got there. Perplexing.

I need Red Lipstick. A shade of red that looks good on me. This is my current mission in life, to find a fan-fucking-tastic red lippy for me.

So. Tired. But i can leave work now, yay!!!!
Last weekend was lovely... I met up with best boy for a leisurely brunch at Deus Ex Machina on Saturday morning and gave him the rest of his christmas present finally, and got the pleasure of giving an awesome gift which is loved by the recipient... one of the happiest feelings in the world :) After foods we drooled on the motorbikes for a bit and then wandered outside and across the road to their quarterly bicycle swap meet. There were lots of pretty, old, rusty cogs I wanted to buy for creative/artistic/crafty purposes but I resisted. After that we decided we needed another beverage and went back into the cafe for another hour or two of chatting... decadent luxury of lingering long :) From there i headed home, did a little shopping, and spent the rest of the arvo and evening with the awesome neighbour flatmate, which pretty much made Saturday entirely perfect :)

Sunday I was up early (for a Sunday) and off into Newtown for brunch with Donkey, who was down from Brisbane for just the weekend. That was a delightful treat to get to catch up with her, we brunched, and chatted, and wandered King St a little, and stopped in at Max Brenner where I discovered the peanut butter iced chockie... Oh. My. God. Mouthgasm.

Sunday arvo I went to Dad's wedding rehearsal. It's at Evatt Park in Lugarno, which made me giggle when Dad told me... my memories of that park exclusively involve adolescent drunkening, and sexing on the cricket pitch at 2 in the morning... not that I told Dad that :) Anyhow, Dad, Dolores (his wife), her four kids, me, my brother's ex, and the grandkids all converged on Evatt Park, where we met up with the celebrant and wandered around to find the perfect wedding spot, which we all agreed was on teh far side of the pond under the trees. Note to self, wear mozzie repellent on the day. We ran through the order of service, who's doing what and when, got it all sorted and then headed back to Dad and Dolores' for a BBQ... it was a really nice afternoon/evening actually, it always is when it's just the immediate family and not all the extended mob. I don't think I've noted on here that Dad rang me a few weeks ago, and asked if I would give him away at his wedding... I cried a little, which was embarrassing because I was on the train on my way to work, but I was surprisingly touched and suddenly emotional. And yes, I know it's not traditional to give the groom away, but that's what we're doing and I feel ridiculously honoured to be doing it... and let's face it, it's not like Dad's ever going to get the chance to give ME away at a wedding...

So now I just have to come up with something to wear. There is NOTHING in shops at the moment I would consider wearing, Ange suggested my black fancy frock, but after now seeing the brides frock and the bridesmaid's frock, my black fancy frock is fancier than both of them, so that won't do at all. I have an idea in my head for a frock to make, just need to find the time to execute it, I have just over a week. EEP!

In less fabulous family news, while chatting to mum on the phone last Friday evening, she casually dropped into the conversation "oh you're going to be an Auntie again". My initial impulse was to respond with "no I'm not, that person is dead to me"... I opted instead for the adage she drummed into me as a child, "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all"... cue big awkward silence, eventually broken by me asking what she had planned for the weekend. I'm a little ashamed to admit i was a bit spiteful when she asked my weekend plans, i told her I was going to Dad's wedding rehearsal. I know she hates me mentioning Dad, and I generally go out of my way to avoid it, but she knows I hate her mentioning her son and still persists in doing it. Maybe if I start countering every mention of my ex-brother with news of her ex-husband she'll finally understand and stop doing it.
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It surprises me that I can still be surprised by people who behave badly... for all that I try to be cynical I guess I just can't help but look for the best in people. I must work on that. Kill the inner Pollyanna. KILL! Also, remember to listen closer to the voices emanating from my gut... there's lots of soundproofing between them and my ears but I do still hear them, and I should pay attention and trust them. They know when someone is lying. After all, we've had plenty of experience with liars.


Pleasant evening and dinner out had a shadow cast over it when I arrived back at the station and discovered that some fucker, for no good reason, had ripped the streamers out of Dutchie's handlebars, tearing one apart and leaving it strewn on the footpath in sad little splashes of bright, and chucking the other one in the gutter... pointless and mean. Why are people such haemorrhoids? I salvaged the one from the gutter, but they actually tore the end off the pluggy bit in the handlebar, so the pluggy bit is still stuck in there with no way to get it out, and it would be a bit pathetic and pointless to reattach just one streamer. I am actually quite sad about this, they were a gift, and they made me happy, and I just don't understand why someone would be so mean as to destroy them.

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*wipes tears of laughter*

Don't mind me, that just had to be noted down!

Also, I'm going nuts!!
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I've been a little quiet on the actual journalling of my life these past few weeks. I keep meaning to, and composing things in my head to post on here at a later time, but then never quite getting to it.

I had a few weeks of craziness and learnt a valuable lesson about the dangers of letting my meds run out, then I got more meds and had some more craziness getting back on them (and in both instances I do mean "craziness" in the context of "really quite nuts", rather than the "gosh my life is busy and chaotic right now" way). The last couple of weeks I have been gradually stabilising and getting back to some semblance of what passes for normal these days. I am more inclined to use any journalling as a form of therapy, dumping all the bad stuff and negative thoughts and things that are bothering me, attention-whoring when I feel insecure, and ignoring it when I am doing ok. It ends up as a somewhat unbalanced record of life unfortunately, but that's part of why I haven't been journalling so much lately.

The other reason is that I have been writing fiction. I seem to have hit a creative burst and am feeling compelled to write quite a lot. Different ideas for stories keep popping into my head, and I find myself frequently wishing that I could just be at home in the peace and quiet of my nest with my laptop, a bottle of coke zero and a pack of smokes, writing and creating. Any other writing feels kind of pointless, sucking up precious time that I could be writing stories by writing about my own life. And in some ways the worlds of my fictions feel more real to me, a sure sign I'm living too much in my head perhaps.

Some things have dragged me away from my head, and managed to filter through to my reality however.

I had the joy of babysitting Roisin. She is just the most delightful and adorable baby ever! Spent close to an hour and a half hanging out and playing with her, and laughing at her antics, we even had a dance to the music from one of her toys. Too soon it was her bedtime, and I can honestly say I have never babysat a child who was as easy to put to bed as she is. I spent the rest of the night in front of my laptop writing writing writing. But Kitty, if you're reading this, I love your little girl and ANY time you need a babysitter feel free to give me a call :)

The day after (Sunday 15th) I trekked to conservative straightsville (Oatley) for the christening of Maeve. I was there early and sat across the road from the catholic church in the shade, feeling conspicuous and wishing I could be at home in bed, or at home writing, or anywhere else but there. I felt even more conspicuous as the morning service finished and the congregation started piling out of the church. It made me reflect on the places I go and people I see on a regular basis... the parts of Sydney that I frequent are shared by people from a mix of races, backgrounds, and stations in life. I always find it somewhat disconcerting then when I am forced to venture into other parts of Sydney that seem to have been forgotten by time and immigration. The christening was fortunately very quick, especially for a catholic service, we had the most no-nonsense priest I've ever seen... there were three babies being christened, and we were in and out of the church in just under 25 minutes. NICE! The whole congregation laughed at Maeve when the priest was asking the parents and godparents if they rejected Satan and she chose that moment to blow a raspberry :) Everyone walked down the hill afterwards to the pub for lunch and drinks and celebrating... I stuck it out for an hour and then ran away. I knew barely anyone and it was a room full of straight married couples, and old people... eep!

School night fun was had last week... couching with bb, cheapo-day-before-pay-day dinner provided by me, cider and movie provided by him... we watched Tin Man, which is a very cool "re-imagining" of the Wizard of Oz, starring Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming (he's the scarecrow, and has a zipper down the middle of his head where his brain was taken out)... it's a fair bit darker, there are moments that seem rather Tim Burton inspired, and overall I highly recommend it!! it was originally made as a TV mini-series, so it's on two DVD's, which we didn't realise, so by the time we watched all of it (there was no question of stopping after the first one) it was rather late, but well worth staying up for!

The next evening I went from work to the Den for a play date with [livejournal.com profile] freeq... she strung me up between the columns and flogged the snot out of me... literally... there was smacking and punching to warm up... soooooooo long since anyone has punched me, sweet jeebus it was nice. Then came the flogging, she worked through a few different floggers, the ones I remember are the big thuddy red one, which is lovely and like a loving massage and makes me go all melty, and the cat, which stings and bites and hurts like hell and I fucking love it! The joy of playing in private, with someone you know and trust, is that there is no need to take the sensibilities or concerns of anyone who might be watching into account as well, and you can keep going past when you may have to stop in public. For instance, when the person being flogged is blubbing, with tears and snot running down her face, and giggling at the same time, and completely incoherent and incapable of speaking... coz that's where I got to, and darling gorgeous wonderful Freeq didn't stop at that point... *happy sigh* ... I discovered that being strung up between columns instead of against a cross means that even with hands cuffed and bound out to the sides above my head, I can turn 180 degrees when my boobies are being whacked with a little flogger... which was hilarious and I was terribly pleased with myself (in that brattish way I have) until she just stepped in close behind me so I was stuck with my arms crossed above my head and I had zero options when she reached around with a crop to whack at my boobies... other than standing there and squealing and giggling :) It was so much fun :) When she eventually let me down, my back was ridged and solid, burning hot and deliciously aching :) I puddled on the couch, happy puddle of Tam... and then at some point after we'd both come down a bit, she made the nommest steak sandwiches ever... twas a very awesome date :)

More updating later...


Jun. 10th, 2005 03:43 pm
I just adore Spencer... one of the darlingest boys I know :o)



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