I can't believe i have to go back to work tomorrow... it doesn't feel like I've had a weekend... probably because i slept for most of it. I had lots of things I wanted to get done this weekend but overwhelming exhaustion and enervation meant that my body decided sleep was more important than anything else.

I did manage to wake up and get myself to the doctor for my appointment on Saturday. Explained what's been going and he said the likely causes are PCOS, fibroids, hormone imbalance, or thyroid. He got the nurse to take 8 (EIGHT!) vials of my blood and I have to go have an ultrasound this week some time. Taking the blood was funny, the nurse had the usual trouble people have finding veins in me that seem sufficiently promising to deliver up blood, but eventually found one on the inside of my left wrist, just above my tattoo, and she poked it few times, checked the back of my hand again, the crook of my elbow again, went back to my wrist, and said it felt like the best option but hmmmmm... very sensitive area! It will hurt here, people never like blood taken from here. She started to feel around elsewhere again, and I had to talk her into taking it from my wrist, eventually convincing her that if I could tolerate a tattoo there, I could cope with one little needle :)

I really like my GP, I've been seeing him for close to two years now, and never once in that time has he brought up my weight, or done the lazy-doctor thing of blaming everything on the fact that I'm fat. This visit however, he did bring it up, unfortunately (for him) he started the conversation with "Have you heard of gastric banding surgery?". I explained to him that I have, and I am very opposed to it from an ethical viewpoint, and the reasons why. My respect for him went back up when he listened to me, nodded, and we then had probably the best discussion of weight and health I have ever had with a medical professional. He was shocked and appalled when I said that one of the reasons I like him as my GP is that he DOESN'T blame everything on my weight, he asked if that has happened with other doctors and was amazed when I said that it happens to nearly every fat person with a disturbing majority of doctors. I talked about HAES, and he knew what I was talking about and agrees with it. We talked about diet and exercise and I was frank and honest that I do eat too much, and don't exercise enough, but I do eat lots of vegies and fruit and I ride my bike and I walk everywhere, and he said that he knows I'm healthy, I'm obviously healthy because I don't have chronic health problems, I'm not on medications, my blood pressure is good, and he's been seeing me long enough to know that none of that is a fluke... but he also pointed out that my age is now creeping up, and with my weight I am going to start noticing an impact on my joints, and at some point I might want to think about reducing my body mass. I agreed with him. I can't explain how wonderful it was to have such a sensible and rational conversation with a health professional about weight! I said as much to him, and thanked him, and he said I'm obviously intelligent and understand the issues, and it's my body, and I am responsible for it, and he won't ever hassle me about my weight as long as I am healthy. I love my GP :) Dr Jacob Hui at Campsie Medhealth Centre, Beamish St (opp World of Fruit) if anyone's interested :) Oh, and he bulk-bills :)

Dinner and couching with Ange and Shane last night was lovely as always... and today i dragged myself into town for Paddling/Caning workshop... putting a workshop the day after MG party was a mistake... oh well... small but good.

Bed again very soon... guitar class tomorrow night, need to do lots of sewing on Tues and Wed evenings so that corset is pretty well finished for last corset-making class on Thurs... that was one of the things i wanted to get done this weekend... *sigh* oh well...
Last weekend was lovely... I met up with best boy for a leisurely brunch at Deus Ex Machina on Saturday morning and gave him the rest of his christmas present finally, and got the pleasure of giving an awesome gift which is loved by the recipient... one of the happiest feelings in the world :) After foods we drooled on the motorbikes for a bit and then wandered outside and across the road to their quarterly bicycle swap meet. There were lots of pretty, old, rusty cogs I wanted to buy for creative/artistic/crafty purposes but I resisted. After that we decided we needed another beverage and went back into the cafe for another hour or two of chatting... decadent luxury of lingering long :) From there i headed home, did a little shopping, and spent the rest of the arvo and evening with the awesome neighbour flatmate, which pretty much made Saturday entirely perfect :)

Sunday I was up early (for a Sunday) and off into Newtown for brunch with Donkey, who was down from Brisbane for just the weekend. That was a delightful treat to get to catch up with her, we brunched, and chatted, and wandered King St a little, and stopped in at Max Brenner where I discovered the peanut butter iced chockie... Oh. My. God. Mouthgasm.

Sunday arvo I went to Dad's wedding rehearsal. It's at Evatt Park in Lugarno, which made me giggle when Dad told me... my memories of that park exclusively involve adolescent drunkening, and sexing on the cricket pitch at 2 in the morning... not that I told Dad that :) Anyhow, Dad, Dolores (his wife), her four kids, me, my brother's ex, and the grandkids all converged on Evatt Park, where we met up with the celebrant and wandered around to find the perfect wedding spot, which we all agreed was on teh far side of the pond under the trees. Note to self, wear mozzie repellent on the day. We ran through the order of service, who's doing what and when, got it all sorted and then headed back to Dad and Dolores' for a BBQ... it was a really nice afternoon/evening actually, it always is when it's just the immediate family and not all the extended mob. I don't think I've noted on here that Dad rang me a few weeks ago, and asked if I would give him away at his wedding... I cried a little, which was embarrassing because I was on the train on my way to work, but I was surprisingly touched and suddenly emotional. And yes, I know it's not traditional to give the groom away, but that's what we're doing and I feel ridiculously honoured to be doing it... and let's face it, it's not like Dad's ever going to get the chance to give ME away at a wedding...

So now I just have to come up with something to wear. There is NOTHING in shops at the moment I would consider wearing, Ange suggested my black fancy frock, but after now seeing the brides frock and the bridesmaid's frock, my black fancy frock is fancier than both of them, so that won't do at all. I have an idea in my head for a frock to make, just need to find the time to execute it, I have just over a week. EEP!

In less fabulous family news, while chatting to mum on the phone last Friday evening, she casually dropped into the conversation "oh you're going to be an Auntie again". My initial impulse was to respond with "no I'm not, that person is dead to me"... I opted instead for the adage she drummed into me as a child, "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all"... cue big awkward silence, eventually broken by me asking what she had planned for the weekend. I'm a little ashamed to admit i was a bit spiteful when she asked my weekend plans, i told her I was going to Dad's wedding rehearsal. I know she hates me mentioning Dad, and I generally go out of my way to avoid it, but she knows I hate her mentioning her son and still persists in doing it. Maybe if I start countering every mention of my ex-brother with news of her ex-husband she'll finally understand and stop doing it.
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I had such a lovely day yesterday :) I had a wee bit of a sleep in, and then was productive around the house with washing and stuffs... then I strapped my polka dot panniers to my pushy and headed off down to the shops, where I loaded them up with super cheap vegies, and a loaf of bread.

I freaking LOVE World of Fruit at Campsie, I'm soooo broke, and with payday not until Wednesday I had $20 to buy sufficient groceries to feed myself until then. After doing a pantry stocktake I realised that I had the base fixings for a pasta dish or two, risotto, and curry. Now, meat is expensive, so I'm a veggo this week... for $9.50 at World Of Fruit, I bought a 1kg bag of zucchinis, a 1kg bag of broccoli, 2 large eggplants, 2 tomatoes, 3 very large potatoes, and 1 red onion. With that and what I have in my pantry, I can make: creamy zucchini and broccoli pasta bake, vegie pasta with a red sauce, eggplant and potato curry, broccoli and tuna risotto, stir-fried garlic broccoli, garlic mash with roast zucchini and eggplant... lots of nominess :) I am the queen of eating well on not much money, they should put me on one of those horrid today tonight type stories on How To Feed Your Family For $30 a week. I have plenty of good healthy yummy food for dinners, enough for leftovers for lunches, a loaf of fresh delish bread from teh bakery for $2 for brekky toast.... I win!

So, once loaded up with vegies, I donned my helmet once more and rode my bike all the way to Leesa and Huons, exploring the sneaky back way which cuts out the big scary hills and main roads/traffic. It only took about 15/20 minutes, including getting off to walk up a hill, and across a footbridge. And it was AWESOME fun! I love my bike, love love love her! I'm still hilariously unfit, but even in the couple of weeks I've had her I feel like that's improving, I'm WAY more confident on her now and ride in with the traffic without too much worry... except for the fact that I am still too scared to take either hand off the handlebars to either make hand signals for where I am turning, or flip off annoying drivers who honk at me for having the temerity to be a fatchick on a pushy on the road that they have to overtake...

I then spent the afternoon hanging out with Leesa and Huon, and then Robin turned up, then Ange and Shane arrived, then Aaron, then Dean, and finally Tim. Throughout the afternoon I polished 6 pairs of boots and one rubber kilt, which made me all kinds of happy because, well, I love polishing boots, and I love being of service to others, and I loved being able to send my beloveds off to Inqui with shiny shiny boots to complement their gorgeous outfits!

It was so much fun being there and part of everyone getting ready for Inqui, helping with this outfit, plaiting that hair, lining up boots, tightening that corset... having a bit of a dance in the loungeroom :) I was asked a few times by different folk if I would change my mind about going, but as much as I loved and was enjoying the pre-inqui fun, I was not even remotely tempted to change my mind. The thing I love most about big parties is getting ready with the urban family, the chaos and fun and excitement of 8 people in one house all getting glam at the same time, helping each other with outfits hair and makeup, admiring the unveiling of gorgeous outfits that have been made just for this night and kept a secret until now... that's the bit I love the most, and without the anxiety of a big scary party underlying it I enjoyed it even more last night. My only regret is that I didn't get to see ALL the family in their Inqui finery... but I'm sure everyone looked stunning :)

As everyone left to catch the bus, I took Ange's car and brought it home, had a sammich for dinner, watched some teevee and then went to bed rather happy and content.

Today I am just pottering about the house and waiting for the call of "Taaaaaaam, can you come and drive us to maccas??", and will then hang about at the Den with the post-trashies, collect my bike and ride to best-boys for the making of cupcakes, and then home again.

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This morning I woke up at 8am, and refused to get up that early on a Saturday so stayed in bed and read till 9, when I fell asleep again till a bit after 10. Nice.

On waking, I decided I wanted company for breakfast, so I rang Ange and determined that although she'd been up and active for hours she hadn't had brekky, so I shuffled across the road in my jarmies and slippers with my crumpets and honey, and made brekky for us and then spent a lovely hour or so in the sunshine on her front porch with a large glass of tea, some cigarettes, and the kitties, as Ange took pics of her furkids. Nice.

Came home and did housework, put dinner in the oven (6 hour beef stew nom nom), housework is not fun but now I have a lovely tidy and clean house and that makes me happy. Nice.

Now, as much sewing as I can stand, then dinner of nom, then trashy DVD, book, bed. Nice.
So much happening in my world, i just thought I'd squeeze in some journalling... Cub is coming to stay the night and will be here in about 20 minutes max, so I will write till he gets here :o)

I spoke to my boss yesterday and told him I was leaving, he took it really well, said he was happy for me and it will be impossible to replace me, which was really nice to hear - even if it's not exactly true! I then got to send the very happy email to the whole centre telling them I am pulling up stumps and heading to greener pastures on the other side of the fence (where do these cliches come from??)... that felt really good!!

I went straight from work last night down the coast to Port Kembla to visit the lovely R and her new(old/new/old/new) beau, Z... i was really interested to meet Z, having heard quite a bit about her over the last some months, most not terribly flattering really, but lately it has been incredibly positive, and in the space of 6 or so weeks they have gone from not really having much to do with each other to living together and that really scared me for R, because it's just so quick and I don't want her hurt... so I was a little trepidatious about the visit and about Z in general... but I'm so glad I went, Z is funny and down to earth and seems really genuine, and I have never seen R so happy, she has this huge grin on her face constantly, and they are in that gorgeous honeymoon shag-happy stage where they can't keep their hands or mouths off each other, and their house is full of laughter and this gorgeous happy energy radiating in every room... it made me feel good just being near them :o) So yeah, last night was good, we just hung out, Z cooked us a fabbo spinach and fetta pie for dinner and we chatted and laughed and smoked and just chilled... and then i got to listen to them having sex at the other end of the house, which was quite amusing... sounded like it was good!!

This morning we hung around some more, popped across the road and met "the boys" as R calls them, the lovely gay boys that live across from her, and had a cup of tea on their verandah, which was nice... I've been hearing about the boys for ages so it was good to finally meet them, and their famed verandah also lived up to expectations!

R & Z headed off to somewhere past Canberra at lunchtime to visit Z's family (eek... inlaws!!) and I headed up to Bulli and met S&T for lunch at Bulli Beach, which was lovely to see them and the puppies were there so that was nice too... we got burgers and sat in the howling gale force icy cold wind and ate and laughed and chatted, eventually the wind got too much and we were all so frozen we had to call it quits though, so they headed home and I headed further up the coast, to my next stop!!

S&L have just got a puppy, he arrived from SA yesterday... a Groodle (Golden Retreiver x Poodle), his name is Barney, he's 9 weeks old and GORGEOUS!!!! Very smoochy snuggle puppy and so soft and cuddly, love at first sight!!!! I so want a puppy now, more than ever...

and i have to finish this later coz C is here and there are better things to do than type!!! *G*
Just home from the Taronga concert, which was FABULOUS!! S&T picked me up and we had an adventurous ride in the car, which had overheated on teh trip from Wollongong, and proceeded to do so very quickly again, so the whole 30 minute trip was fraught with anxiety of the "will we make it or will the engine explode?" kind... but we made it and found a fairly good spot in spite of being quite late... they had brought all the picnic as this was my Christmas present from them, the ticket and the picnic and the whole night out... it was really lovely to be just treated to a night out without me having to do any organising or thinking or doing, I can't remember the last time I've been that spoilt :o) so we had our gourmet picnic overlooking Sydney Harbour as the sun slowly sank on perfect blue skies, with the general happy festive air of lots of people picnicking in a beautiful spot in excited anticipation of a great concert, and it was indeed a fabulous concert! the band was Swing City, who are a fabulous "big band" style band, led by the flamboyant and incredibly talented John Morrison, and all the music was Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald classics, sung by Frank Bennett and Monica Trapaga respectively, both fabulous artists in their own right! It was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, the company excellent and the music divine, one of those intensely happy moments in life when everything just seems really good!! After the horror of last weekend this one has just been the complete opposite... it really reaffirms how much I LOVE my urban family and how incredibly important they are to me.... I'm very full of love and appreciation for the fickle finger of fate or divine intervention that surrounded me with such an abundance of wonderful friends who really are my family, it's nice to have people in my life who i love unreservedly, and by whom I feel loved in return... maybe the world isn't such a bad scary place after all :o)
Well... the big mardi gras Queer Idols concert is over, after months of working hard, learning new songs by heart, memorising choralography, and general intense build up, it all went off beautifully! The choir sang really well, the audience loved us, we got a standing ovation, the guest artists were fabulous, Julie McCrossin who MC'd it was her usual wonderful self, we had a band accompanying us instead of just a piano (that's a first for me, hopefully not a last!! It made SUCH a difference!!)... altogether a very happy night! I had forgotten how much I love singing to a live, enthusiastic audience, it's so long since the choir has had one of them... it felt soooooooooo good, and i was buzzing for hours afterwards, makes me think again about finding a way to sing and perform MORE! I think i'm just a closet applause-slut really... :o)

It was a hugely busy day, and a little stressful, but by the end, although tired and drained I was very happy... Roz came up for the concert and stayed last night so that was lovely as well, it's ages since I've had a chance to catch up properly with her and it was wonderful to hang out, and we went out for breakfast this morning (her treat, gorgeous grrl) so that made the weekend a bit extra special for me :o)

After dropping her off at Central station so she could head back home I stopped off at the supermarket, stocked my fridge up again, and spent the afternoon laying on my couch watching Tipping The Velvet on dvd, a very relaxing, lazy way to spend a cool sunday afternoon, and some much needed quiet time out... I haven't had anywhere near enough sleep this past week, and have been running on stress and caffiene pretty much, so having the chance this afternoon to just wind down a little and get my headspace back to something approaching normal was definitely a bonus! Now I'm feeling a little post-hype crashy, which I was expecting, and it's not so bad... I will get an early night tonight and pick up again tomorrow I'm sure!

Off to make some dinner now... mmmmm... lamb chops and mash and vegies... excellent comfort food!



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