Mar. 1st, 2011 05:12 pm
There was an incident at work over the Christmas/New Year break, while I was on leave, which resulted in a very serious and negative outcome. It's impossible to determine who was responsible out of my two colleagues, and for that reason I am SO glad that I was on leave and cannot possibly share any responsibility.

However, one of the outcomes is that we now have to record every client referral we do. Originally they were talking about us recording EVERY single client-based task, so every enquiry, every phone call, every fax received... and we may yet get to that point, but for now we're just recording referrals.

Today was the first day, and I will admit that I was somewhat anxious that it would show that I'm not as industrious as I think I am... but never fear, I just checked and potplant did 6 referrals, TOT did 8, I did 14. I'm as industrious as both of them combined... and I should add, I also answer 95% of the phone calls.

HAH! I rock :)
I have the sick... again... hacking cough of awfulness. I rang to make an apointment with the doc this morning and he was fully booked but the secretary told me to come in just before 5, which is when they close, and she'd get me in because I sounded so awful. I left a message with the Director at work this morning (coz my immediate manager is not in on Mondays) and she just rang me and told me I have to take the rest of the week off. There was a circular last week from the Executive Director suggesting that staff with any kind of respiratory illness should take a full 7 days off work, so my Director is enforcing it.

I don't have a weeks' worth of sick leave. And I know that I will be feeling better in a day or two. So, now on top of feeling sick I'm stressed about being forced to stay home for a week and potentially losing pay.

If the doctor gives me a certificate saying I'm unfit for work for two days, can work actually stop me from coming once that's over?
Just got this message on my work voicemail... the caller was an older sounding female...

"I got your message ... I’ve been given your number ... that you would give me help, but I know the people who gave it me are LIARS... because ... the bloody thing... I don’t want... I want help, I don’t want to listen to your bloody charity nonsense. This came from someone called Jeff Kennett ... some depression checklist. It’s a joke! They’ve got a bloody cheek to make people waste the phone calls... if they’re not serious how DARE they!?"

That was it, verbatim.

The whole day has kind of felt like that... agitated, confused, and only getting half the message.

I rock!

May. 8th, 2009 04:05 pm
quiregrrl: (BoUnCy!)
I'm so glad I came back to work today, there was actually excitement and I was smack in the middle of it!!!

I had a call early this arvo from a young guy (in his 20's but sounds about 12), and at first I thought he was winding me up, because he wanted to know if the nurse could come back to his place because he couldn't figure out how to turn the stove off...

I suggested he turn the knob back the other way, and he explained then that he's blind, he can't see it and can't figure it out by touch... then he mentioned that the smell was getting really strong and making him wheeze. Um, what smell? The gas. From the oven. (Dammit, I was hoping that wouldn't be the answer). Really strong now, having trouble breathing, he said "maybe I should try lighting it again, I have more matches".

"NO!!! no, don't light a match!" said I, then suggested he get outside his house, he said he's in a unit on the top floor and he's not sure he can get all the way out on his own and he already tried knocking on his neighbours doors on his floor but they're not home... at this point I'm quietly panicking inside... so told him to open any windows he could and the front door and stay near the window so he was breathing fresh air, and said I'd call him right back. I rang 000 and got the fire brigade and explained the situation and gave all the details and the operator person told me someone in the building had already rung and said they could smell gas and didn't know where it was coming from, so she was now updating the info for the fireys, thanks for ringing and an engine was on the way. I rang his nurse and quickly told her, then rang him back and told him the firemen were coming, by this stage he was very upset and crying so i stayed on the phone with him until the firemen got there (which was actually only a few minutes). Yay crisis averted!

A while later the nurse rang me and said she got there about 10 minutes after the fireys and they'd shut everything off and evacuated everyone in the building and the patient was fine but she brought him back to the hospital because he apparently was discharged yesterday after he hassled and hassled and hassled to be allowed to go home... he's completely blind in one eye, and had surgery a few days ago on the other one, so it's covered with a dressing at the moment... and he decided to try and heat a pizza in the oven for lunch. So yeah, he apparently agreed that maybe he should come back to hospital until the dressing comes off the eye that he CAN see out of... poor thing, I so completely understand pushing to get out of hospital as soon as possible and hating being reliant on anyone...

But anyhow, yay for excitement and drama that had a good outcome! and just quietly, yay me for being calm and sensible and useful in a somewhat scary situation!! I really do work best under pressure and the only time I get any satisfaction in this job is when I get to problem solve for clients, and the more crisis I'm problem solving the more satisfying it is...


Apr. 15th, 2005 10:43 pm
I no longer work at the Cancer Center and that is a happy and beautiful thing indeed!! text )
I have exactly 7 more work days in my current job, and i'm starting to feel a rising sense of panic that i'm not going to get everything done... whining about too much work )
So much happening in my world, i just thought I'd squeeze in some journalling... Cub is coming to stay the night and will be here in about 20 minutes max, so I will write till he gets here :o)

I spoke to my boss yesterday and told him I was leaving, he took it really well, said he was happy for me and it will be impossible to replace me, which was really nice to hear - even if it's not exactly true! I then got to send the very happy email to the whole centre telling them I am pulling up stumps and heading to greener pastures on the other side of the fence (where do these cliches come from??)... that felt really good!!

I went straight from work last night down the coast to Port Kembla to visit the lovely R and her new(old/new/old/new) beau, Z... i was really interested to meet Z, having heard quite a bit about her over the last some months, most not terribly flattering really, but lately it has been incredibly positive, and in the space of 6 or so weeks they have gone from not really having much to do with each other to living together and that really scared me for R, because it's just so quick and I don't want her hurt... so I was a little trepidatious about the visit and about Z in general... but I'm so glad I went, Z is funny and down to earth and seems really genuine, and I have never seen R so happy, she has this huge grin on her face constantly, and they are in that gorgeous honeymoon shag-happy stage where they can't keep their hands or mouths off each other, and their house is full of laughter and this gorgeous happy energy radiating in every room... it made me feel good just being near them :o) So yeah, last night was good, we just hung out, Z cooked us a fabbo spinach and fetta pie for dinner and we chatted and laughed and smoked and just chilled... and then i got to listen to them having sex at the other end of the house, which was quite amusing... sounded like it was good!!

This morning we hung around some more, popped across the road and met "the boys" as R calls them, the lovely gay boys that live across from her, and had a cup of tea on their verandah, which was nice... I've been hearing about the boys for ages so it was good to finally meet them, and their famed verandah also lived up to expectations!

R & Z headed off to somewhere past Canberra at lunchtime to visit Z's family (eek... inlaws!!) and I headed up to Bulli and met S&T for lunch at Bulli Beach, which was lovely to see them and the puppies were there so that was nice too... we got burgers and sat in the howling gale force icy cold wind and ate and laughed and chatted, eventually the wind got too much and we were all so frozen we had to call it quits though, so they headed home and I headed further up the coast, to my next stop!!

S&L have just got a puppy, he arrived from SA yesterday... a Groodle (Golden Retreiver x Poodle), his name is Barney, he's 9 weeks old and GORGEOUS!!!! Very smoochy snuggle puppy and so soft and cuddly, love at first sight!!!! I so want a puppy now, more than ever...

and i have to finish this later coz C is here and there are better things to do than type!!! *G*



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