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Last week while having coffee with best boy, we realised that we were listening to some... interesting... music in the background... so we enquired.

And so came my introduction to The Puppinni Sisters, three talented lasses who sing in the style of the Andrews Sisters, and cover songs of that style... such as Mr Sandman...

They also do covers of more modern songs, in three part, swung, jazzish, Andrews-sister-esque harmonies... songs such as:

I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)

Walk Like An Egyptian (The Bangles)

Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush)

Wrong, and yet strangely fabulous... other noteworthy covers are Heart Of Glass (Blondie), and Crazy In Love (Beyonce) ... the cafe owner had his laptop there, and their two cd's on his laptop, best boy had a memory stick, woot for technology coz I've been singing along to fabulous and wrong songs all week :)
The audio is the funny bit...

Ok, this guy is HILARIOUS... but I also think he's actually serious, which makes him really quite terrifying...

Other gems are "why it's ok for sex to hurt the vagina" ... "why condoms don't offer real protection against AIDS" (excellent "scientific" PROOF using a seive and clotted cream) and "why swearing is wrong" ... PEANUT BUTTER!! I DON'T WANT THIS!!!!
"put the fucking poodle in the basket"

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I LOVE this...

Approximately 200 dancers in Central Station, Antwerp... in the style of Improv Everywhere ...

I frequently envisage people around me breaking into choreographed dance routines and song, like they do in musicals... I want my life to be a musical... this comes close :) Plus it gets sentimental points for being in Antwerp Central Station :)



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