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She loves tea, but only with milk in it, and will stick her head in your mug as soon as you look away. She doesn't love coffee, and the face she pulls if she thinks she's stealing tea and discovers coffee instead is adorable in it's blatant disgust and disappointment.

She hears me walking up the street and jumps out the bedroom window to greet me nearly every night, meeting me where the driveway hits the footpath, and then walking down the driveway with me and coming in the front door. As soon as we're inside she starts asking for food, and follows me around while I go to the bathroom and get changed, yelling at me until I eventually feed her.

Sometimes, for reasons I can't even guess at, she decides that while I'm on the toilet is a good time for snuggles, and she'll stand with one paw on my knee, and oh so very gently reach up and tap my belly with her other paw until I pick her up and cuddle her.

When i am reading in bed, she lays along my hip/thigh. As soon as I turn the light off, she gets down and moves to the side of the bed so that when i roll over I can pat her and give her head rubs. She'll start off sitting, and smooshing her head into my hand to make sure I get the intensity and location of the head rubs exactly to her liking, and at some point, when it's good enough, she'll flomp onto her side, laying with her back to my belly, and let me keep gently patting her head as I fall asleep. This happens nearly every night.

In the evenings, when I'm sitting on the couch, she comes and settles beside me with her front feet resting on my thigh, and her bottom on the lounge, and she'll sit there and look up at me with seeming adoration, and not minding if I'm doing stuff on the laptop, or playing my ukulele. It makes me feel very loved.

She hates the heat, and will complain loudly, usually in my direction, when it's really hot. She also does this fantastically dramatic sideways full body flomp onto the floor, complete with huffy sigh, that ends with her sprawled and stretched out on the floorboards at which point she'll look to make sure I noticed, and then mew piteously... it's hilarious!

She loves men, always has... when she was a feral baby and i couldn't get near her for the hissy/claws-out fury, my significant-male-person-at-the-time, Steven, would come over and she would turn into a completely different animal, he'd scoop her up and she'd snuggle against him and purr. It baffled me. But she's the same with my dad. And she became like that with Spanky after he started taking hormones. Now when Spanky comes over she will stand at our feet as we're hugging and saying hello, and yell until he stops paying attention to me and starts paying attention to her, and if we're on the couch she has to be between us, or on him. I barely exist for her when Spanky is around.

She won't take food from my hands, even super tempting treats like roast chicken, the best I've managed to get her to do is licking and taking one or two super-tentative bites at it, and if I don't let go she'll look away and pretend she can't see it anymore, until I drop it on the floor where it magically becomes visible again and she'll hoover it up.

She won't eat anything that's not cut up in bite size pieces. She will sit beside it and yell at me until I cut it up properly.

She won't drink out of a bowl, she prefers the dripping tap in the bath. To drink from this, she jumps up onto the side of the bathtub, stands with her back feet on the corner, and her front feet braced one against the end of the tub, and one against the side, and then leans over to lick the drops of water directly from the tap. It seems unnecessarily precarious and challenging, but even if I change the water every day, she still won't drink from a bowl.

In winter, on particularly cold nights, she gets under the covers and wiggles around until she can put all four of her cold little feets pad-first against my skin to warm them up. Once her toes are warm she will wriggle around again so that her back is to me in the correct sleeping alignment.

She likes to come for snuggles after she's had dinner. This often means that she'll insistently climb on me and then burp in my face. She's also been known to climb on me post dinner and drop a saliva covered biccie onto my chest.

She frequently forgets to put her tongue all the way back in her mouth, and will sit with just the tip of it poking out, sometimes for a very long time.

She drools and snores in her sleep. She also twitches her whiskers a lot when she's dreaming.

She never jumps up on the kitchen bench, if I'm cutting up meat or chicken she will stand beside me and reach up and very gently pat the edge of the benchtop to get my attention and let me know she's there - in case the very loud meowing didn't tip me off - but that's as far as she'll go.

She won't let me pat her or pick her up if we're outside, even on the balcony. I think she's worried it will spoil her cred with the ferals. I don't have the heart to point out she has no cred. She wouldn't believe me anyway.

Sometimes she'll let me pick her up and perch her with her front paws over my shoulder, and my hand under her bum, and she'll happily sit there while i wander around the house doing things with one hand.

She hates me touching her paws, except sometimes, occasionally, when she's really relaxed and kneading I can slide my finger under her paw, so she's not digging her claws into me, and if she's relaxed enough she just keeps curling her paw around my fingertip.

She get all flirty sometimes, and will lay on the floor in front of me and kind of twist and roll so she's on her back, then look up at me, and wiggle some more... I say "hey flirtypants, whatcha doin'?" and she makes this little chirpy meow noise and wiggles some more... it's freaking adorable! She used to do it a lot, less though as she's gotten older.

She used to HATE her belly being rubbed, but she tolerates it now, and even kind of likes it sometimes i think, which makes me happy coz I love her squishy fluffy fludobbeders :-)

When I first got her it took me a couple of months to get to the point that she'd let me pat her or pick her up without hissing at me, and she would climb the curtains, and climb the bookcase and knock things off, or pee on books, actually she'd pee on everything - the floor, the couch, the bookcase, the dining table, her bed, clean clothes (never dirty ones, always the clean ones I hadn't put away). She'd hide under the couch and attack my ankles and feet, or climb the back of the couch and attack my head. She liked to chew my hair.

For the first half of her life she didn't really like other people, she'd hide any time I had people over to visit, unless it was Steven or my Dad, because MEN! Gradually, inexplicably, she decided that people were in fact awesome, and now even when new people come over she'll come say hi, and demand pats from them.

She doesn't like other cats overly much, she was actually segregated from her litter-mates when I bought her from Cat Protection Society, they were all in one cage together and she was in a separate cage beside them. Alone. Every time I've tried to introduce her to other felines she's been VERY unhappy and hissy about it, but she bonded fairly easily and quickly with my old dog when we had to move back in with mum. Also, I've watched her just sit and watch ferals skulk through our flat on their way to her food bowl without batting an eyelash. She's weird.

She got stung on the lip by something once, I don't know what, but her bottom lip swelled up all puffy, she looked like a Hollywood starlet for a week or so :-)

When we were living with mum, it took her about 6 months to figure out and work up the guts to go through the doggy door, and every time, every single time, from the first time she went through it till the day we moved out again, she'd do it the same way - tentatively push it with her paw till she could put her paw on the outside bottom edge of the opening, then gently, hesitantly, nudge with her face until her head was halfway through the door at which point she'd just launch herself through like a rocket, with an unnerving crash, as though she'd gotten a fright and taken off, but she hadn't, that was just how she managed the doggy door... careful, gentle, careful, slowly, slooooowly, careful GO!GO!GO!NOW!ALLTHEWAYTHROUGHANDOUTNOMESSINGABOUT!!! I wish I'd had a video camera on my phone at that point.

Also while living at mum's, she would regularly bring me dead things (birds mostly, sometimes mice) and leave them in the hallway outside my bedroom door, so I'd step on them in my bare feet when i got up in the morning. I was grateful she never brought them INTO the bedroom. i could never figure out how she managed to catch anything, as not only was she a very uncoordinated fatty, but she had TWO bells on her collar!

She likes to sit in the bath tub after I get out of the shower. She sometimes is waiting when I pull the curtain back and jumps in before I can even get out. She doesn't do anything in there, just sits in the water on the floor of the bath, watching the droplets join together and run down to the drain. I've never managed to get a photo of this, because as soon as I pull out the camera, she jumps out. Every time.

She likes being squished, being held really firmly when she's laying on me, or beside me... she also likes being held around the throat, and will even lean into my hand so the pressure on her throat is more intense, and I can feel her purr get harder and stronger... pervert kitty :-)
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Feeling a bit out of sorts this morning i texted best girl and asked if she wanted to catch up for dinner this evening, she said yes and was also keen for sushi and suggested Wagayama in Chinatown... so we met up after work and because she'd had time to kill while waiting for my much later finish time, she'd been shopping and met me with presents! She bought me a TIARA!! it's sparkly and shiny and has a dangly bit and it's so pretty!! I love it!! And because we were going for sushi, she bought me very cute chopsticks and a case to keep them in! she's so generous and awesome :-)

So then she introduced me to Wagayama, which is a really cool japanese restaurant, lovely ambience, yummy food, and you order everything by touch screen on your table, which goes straight to the kitchen and then a waiter brings your food... so it's kind of like Japanese Tapas, order little bits as you want them, still hungry? order something else! Need another drink? tap tappity tap, hey presto waiter with a drink appears! I loved it... no need to decide everything you want in advance, no waiting for a waiter to take your order, no trying to catch their eye to get another drink, or the bill, you can sit and chat with your dinner companion uninterrupted and relaxed... very cool! Also, the tables are all kind of set around the central kitchen which has chest high walls and is otherwise open to the restaurant, so you can see what's going on, which i like!

And of course the company was exceptional... i love my best girl, she makes me happy all the time :-)
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I never finished writing about my holiday... and now so much time and stuff has elapsed that I can't remember it all, I'll do my best though...

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So, I've been back a whole week, and I still haven't written about my holiday, I figured I best do it now before I forget everything!

Sunday 7th July - we were up at stupid o'clock to fly down to Launceston, where we picked up our hire car and met up with mum and Roger (her husband) for brunch in nearby Evandale, a gorgeous historic town that hosts an annual penny-farthing festival in Spring. We had brunch in the very old bakery, and after a couple of coffees to wake me up a bit I felt much more confident about driving to Hobart. We stopped off at the Gourmet Sauce company just outside of Evandale for some relishes and mustards for Spanky and then continued on down the highway. Next stop was about an hour and a half down the road in Oatlands, another beautiful old town that looks like it's barely changed in the last 200 years, including a very large, very old, windmill which is still used for grinding locally grown wheat into flour. We were tempted by sweet goodies at the bakery, and ooohhhh they were insanely good! the brown sugar and quark tart especially!! Out the front of the pub Spank found a stuffed toy penguin, face down on the footpath, and we decided he clearly needed to be rescued and to come along as our trip mascot. Between Oatlands and Hobart we settled on the name Floyd for our new friend, and he settled comfortably into his place in the car, wedged between the windscreen and dashboard. We made it to Hobart in the late afternoon, and found our way to Spanky's friends' place in West Moonah. We were staying with Meeks and Sarah, and their adorable dog Jaffa, in a cosy house with spectacular views over the river to the back, and straight up Mt Wellington to the front. Mt Wellington was covered with snow when we arrived, although the day had been sunny and beautiful, although somewhat cold! That evening was spent chatting with our hosts, sharing dinner, and playing music. Meeks had a collection of guitars, and a tenor ukulele (half again as big as mine, which is a soprano uke), and she is very gifted musically, unlike me, so it was a bit intimidating trying to play along, but it was fun nonetheless. Then I fell asleep on the couch while we were watching TV and after being tactfully woken by Sarah after I snored a little, I went to bed.

Monday 8th July - we had a bit of a sleep in, and then Spank and I decided we'd go play in the snow on Mt Wellington, as it was another gorgeous day. Unfortunately, the authorities had decided it wasn't safe and had closed the mountain half way up, just above the snow line. There were also a LOT of other people wanting to play in the snow, so although we got to see the snow, we decided not to fight for a parking space and join all the squealing children in the meager snow at that level and headed back down to Hobart where we wandered and explored the city for the rest of the afternoon. I had to find a doctor to get a prescription as my meds had run out the day before, and that ended up being harder than you'd imagine, but we found someone who'd see me without an appointment eventually, and got the drugs, and then did some grocery shopping and headed home. Monday evening was spent cooking dinner for our hosts, and hanging out watching sport on TV. They like sport a lot, every evening spent at home involved watching either cricket or tour de france. I know way more about both now than I ever imagined I would, or wanted to.

Tuesday 9th July - we were up earlyish and headed south to Bruny Island. We caught the ferry across with a bunch of other cars and set out to explore the island. The first stop was Bruny Island Smoke House, where we tasted some yummy hot-smoked meats and fish, and amazingly good relishes. As we had to drive past it on the way back to the ferry we decided not to buy anything just then, but stop in on the way back. Continuing on down the road we marvelled at the beauty of the island, it was just spectacular. Our next stop was the Bruny Island Cheese Company. We arrived just in time for a tasting with another couple of tourists, and the lovely german cheese-maker talked us through and let us taste most of their cheeses, which were nearly all divine. We decided to have lunch there as it was by now nearly 1pm, and ordered the baked OTTO to share - a fresh farmhouse cheese wrapped in prosciutto and baked in the oven until gooey and runny, served with fresh sourdough and olives. We also bought a couple of bottles of cider to wash it down, and sat out on their deck amidst the trees and sunshine to eat. The solitude was somewhat interrupted by our moans at the deliciousness of the food, and the cider as well. Willie Smith's cider is seriously amazingly good cider, the best I've ever had. After lunch we headed a bit further down the road and stopped off at the penguin colony, unfortunately the penguins weren't home, they were at the summer home off in the antarctic somewhere so it was pretty much just a hill full of penguin burrows, and a spectacular lookout at the top, but the views were amazing and it was a beautiful spot to pause a while. Floyd was keen to check it out in particular, and best boy snapped a pic of him leaning up against the "sensitive penguin breeding area" sign. From there we continued on to the south part of the island across the narrow neck road, and our next stop was Bruny Island Winery, the most southern vineyard in Australia. Spank tasted their entire range of wines, while I limited myself to just a couple, although he assures me they were all pretty damn good, certainly the ones I tried were exceptional and I bought a bottle of the Reserve Pinot Noir, which later helped me get through an evening at mums! From there it kind of went down hill a little, and up hill, and along a narrow, steep, rocky, wet, muddy, slippery dirt road... ok, we got lost and ended up traversing the island on what may have been a forestry access road, we saw nothing but trees for an hour or more. It was scary and anxiety-inducing, and the sun was starting to get lower in the sky, and nowhere we were seemed to be on the map we had, and I was Not Happy At All. We eventually managed to get back onto the main road, a lot further south and east than we anticipated, and then had to rush a bit to get back to the 5pm ferry, which meant no more stopping for spectacular views, or smoke house goodies. We did admire the views from the car though, and they truly were spectacular. I'd love to go back to Bruny Island (with a better map) and explore it a bit more. We pulled up to the ferry terminal with only about two minutes to wait until they started loading cars on, so that was lucky! Once back on the mainland we headed the hour or so up the highway to Hobart once more, and into Salamander for best boy to go and register and get his pass for the Festival of Voices, and catch up with other choristers at the festival bar. As we were a bit late getting back, I dropped him at the door and went hunting for parking. Unfortunately, when I got back the doorbitch asked if I was there to register for the festival, and stupidly I said "Oh no, I'm here with a friend who's registering, he's already inside" and she told me the event was only for participants and I wasn't allowed in. I texted Spank, who came outside, and a moment later Festival Dyke (I never managed to get her name, but she was very very cute and one of the organisers/volunteers/festival participant wranglers) appeared, best boy spoke to her and explained the situation and she said "Of course you can come in!". Phew!! Once inside Spank plied me with mulled wine, we had some dinner, found some other choir folk, chatted and schmoozed a little, grabbed some seats eventually when some other people left, and settled in to enjoy the entertainment of several of the participating choirs singing a few songs each. It was a very enjoyable evening to cap off a lovely day.

Wednesday 9 July - up earlyish to get Spanky to his first day of festival workshop and rehearsals, I dropped him off at 9:30am and then spent the morning wandering Hobart, window shopping, and then went down to Salamanca and wandered those shops and bought some possum merino socks and thermals for Spanky, who'd been suffering from frozen feet and generally not loving the cold weather. It was another sunny day so I spent some time just sitting outside in the sunshine in the park down by the harbour, reading my book and soaking up the rays. I picked Spank up at 2:30, and headed home. Spanky had a nap as he was exhausted, and I did some washing, and also offered to iron his choir uniform for the evenings gig, unfortunately our hosts didn't actually own an iron or ironing board. I was gobsmacked! Luckily though, Sarah was home and offered to go and borrow said items from a friend who lived close by, so she brought them back and I was able to get his uniform all nicely pressed. Woke him up, and after a cup of tea and some chatting with Sarah we were headed back into town for the first gig for SGLC. It was "Open Voices", a concert featuring about 10 of the choirs performing throughout the festival, so I dropped him off for soundcheck, found some parking and then loitered around the foyer of the venue and bought my ticket and loitered some more. The concert was great, some of the choirs were significantly better than others, the standouts were the Auckland Girls Choir, and SGLC, but everyone was enjoyable to listen to. AFter the concert I found Spanky again and we headed down to Salamanca to grab some dinner before heading into the festival bar again for their second performance of the night, a somewhat more informal gig than the concert earlier. They finished this set with The Pheasant Plucking Song, which is highly entertaining and the audience loved it! We hung out and listened to the rest of the performances, drank some more mulled wine, chatted with choir friends and enjoyed the ambience.

Okay, it's 2am, I should finish this tomorrow i think!!


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For those of you still around and reading in LJ land, please feel free to weigh in on this one...

how do you (you personally, not generic youse) know you're IN love with someone? what's the defining difference between the love you feel for a partner-type-person, and the love you feel for a good friend, or family member, or favorite author, or activity, or that thing you own??

I'm pondering on the different kinds of love and the intersections of partnership, friendship, family, sex and romance... and I'm interested in others' thoughts...
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A friend was asking about non-monogamous relationships, if they can really work, and how... I'm posting my comment here so I can find it, in case I ever decide to try and do a non-monogamous relationship again, because this was one of those moments when I had absolute clarity around what I believe it takes...

... to be successful at non-monogamy you need to feel very secure in yourself, you need to be doing it for yourself, because you honestly and completely believe it's the right choice for you. And then you need to trust your partner implicitly, and them you, and you need to keep proving and earning that trust, over and over and over. By communicating, by being honest with yourselves and each other, by sticking to the boundaries that you've negotiated, by honoring your commitments to each other, by making time for each other, by respecting the boundaries you've negotiated around each other's other relationships. It's hard work. And there will be days that it's horrible, and you will feel jealous, and you will feel insecure, and you need to be able to own those feelings and not project them onto your partner(s) or their other relationships. You need to be really good at emotional self-care. And all of this goes for everyone else who is in, or connected to, your relationship(s). And even if you all are awesome at all of this, you still have to understand that it's no guarantee that you will get your happy ever after, because, well, life's like that.
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Late last year best boy asked if I wanted to go see Nick Cave with him at the Enmore, coz tickets were going on sale in the next few days... I balked at the cost, I didn't have a spare $100, a month out from xmess, to spend on myself... and best boy offered to put it on his credit card and let me pay him back when and as I could, it was an offer too good to refuse. So he bought tickets, and we waited for last night to roll around.

We got to the Enmore late, the support act had already finished and left the stage, so we didn't have long to wait... we found a spot halfway down the floor, back far enough to be on the slope and able to see above the people in front of us, close enough to still have a good view, and coincidentally wound up next to a work-friend of best boys, and her husband, who had also been to the Opera House concert a week prior, and told us all about how amazing that was, although the work friend was a bit concerned that he had a childrens choir on stage for the entire show providing backing, what with some of his lyrics she wondered if their parents had ever listened to a Nick Cave album :) Anyhow, as I said, we didn't have long to wait before the Bad Seeds took to the stage, and then the man himself appeared. It was fucking amazing, his voice is really just the sex, and the music is complex and beautiful and as always takes me to an entirely different world. The Bad Seeds are a phenomenally talented bunch of musicians, Warren Ellis in particular, he switched effortlessly between guitar, violin, flute, and keyboard last night with equal skill on each. Phenomenal. He looks uncannily like a permanently intoxicated homeless man I see most days near work, but books and covers and whatnot :)

They started with a few songs from the new album, which I haven't listened to properly yet and am therefore less familiar with, but it was enchanting and intoxicating, and then they mixed in the classics.. I love the crowd reaction to familiar favorites, like the single bell toll at the start of "Red Right Hand" and the entire audience erupting with a cheer and as quickly becoming quiet again to listen... the beauty of a sold out venue singing gently along to "Into My Arms" with Nick at piano... those unifying moments of love for the music that make a live gig so magical. Also, the crafting of the playlist was brilliant, there was a perfect sense of flow between rocking it hard and pulling back to the ballads. There were too many highlights for me to list, or even remember... "Into My Arms" was up there, as was "Mercy Seat", "God Is In The House", and "Stagger Lee" in the encore. I've wanted to see Nick Cave live for so many years, and it lived up to expectation in every way. It was also awesome to be there with best boy, who shares my abiding passion for the music of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and had also not seen them live before last night... every now and then we'd glance across at each other and grin with unadulterated delight, it was nice having someone to share that joy with :)

Bonus moment came when I was waiting in the foyer for best boy as the crowd streamed out (I'd moved up to the back of the floor at the start of the encore as I was feeling a wee bit overwhelmed and claustrophobic with the crowd and the heat - it was like a sauna in there), I was hiding behind a pillar out of the main crush, and felt someone touch me on the shoulder - I turned around to see my lovely feral hippy cousin, Brett, standing there - he and his wife had come all the way up from their self-sustained little bit of land somewhere near Ulludulla just for the gig, I didn't get to see Jo as she'd disappeared with the flow of the crowd, but it was a lovely unexpected moment to see Brett and hug and enthuse about how amazing the gig was.. as Brett said, it's got to be something amazing to get him to come up to Sydney!
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I didn't go to Mardi Gras this year, my involvement ended when I waved best boy off late afternoon with the sparkly shorts I had made him to wear in the parade safely tucked in his backpack. But I've watched the explosion on social media, and mainstream media, since then with a huge range of emotions.

On Monday evening a video was posted on YouTube, of a police officer slamming a young, handcuffed man to the ground, and then placing a foot on his back. It was distressing to watch, and it made me incredibly angry. Not just at the police officer who assaulted the handcuffed man, but the other officers standing around, seemingly oblivious, or accepting, of what had just happened. One officer repeatedly tells the person videoing the incident to stop filming. There is blood on the ground from where the handcuffed man had reportedly hit his head/been slammed to the ground in an earlier scuffle not on the video. It was quickly followed by reports that another man was also alleging excessive force at the hands of the police in a separate incident on the night.

I watched this go viral on Facebook, and very quickly soon after in the mainstream media, and was caught up in the horror and sense of injustice and violation expressed by so many on my friends list. I fired off emails to the police and the City of Sydney council expressing my horror and outrage. On Wednesday morning I posted a status update: I was sickened by the police brutality video taken at mardis gras, as any decent person would be, and I am furious at the police involved, not just the perpetrator but his colleagues who stood by and were more concerned with stopping it being filmed than simply stopping it... But I am heartened, greatly, by the community response, both during the incident on film and in social media since then, I want to hug and thank the guy who filmed it and wasn't intimidated into stopping, and I am so proud and full of love for everyone who reposted, & shared info on making formal complaints to the police and governing bodies, as well as media outlets ... I'm so proud to be part of a community that cares, and that wants to stop shit like this happening and goes about it in an intelligent and appropriate way. It's easy, and right, to be horrified and depressed that this shit can still happen, but it's important, I think, to also acknowledge the love and care and sense of justice that is the flip side... Keep taking care of each other, and hug your queer family, today especially xo. I watched the police press response and the TV interview with the young man seen in the youtube video. I am still angry and outraged that a large, armed, police officer felt it appropriate to subdue a small handcuffed man by slamming him to the ground and putting a foot on his back. I'm angry that the other officers did nothing to censure their colleague, and were more concerned with stopping it from being (quite legally) filmed. As I said to best girl on Wednesday night, if they knew it was something they didn't want on film, why did they not do something about stopping what happened, rather than try to stop it being documented? But I started to feel that this wasn't a queer issue, that our collective sense of outrage that this happened at Mardi Gras - ironically a parade that evolved from a protest against police brutality against gay and lesbian people in the 70s, and which is now still a political march as much as it is a celebration of diversity and community - was somehow misplaced and inappropriate.

I wondered, if the video had shown a heterosexual man from the western suburbs in handcuffs being slammed to the ground, would the outcry have been the same? If he'd been indigenous? If he'd been older? I suspect not, sadly.

There was a rally organised for this evening, the facebook event states:
This year's parade celebrated 35 years since the first Mardi Gras in 1978. That first Mardi Gras was attacked by police who arrested 53 people, only 2 of whom were ever charged, while the Police released the full names of all arrestees to be published in the media. As a result almost all were sacked from their jobs and suffered from homophobic attacks. The NSW Police Force never apologised for this disgraceful behaviour. We ask that today we receive this apology.

We demand an end to police violence against the LGBTI community and a full apology to Jamie Jackson and Bryn Hutchinson, and all victims of brutality at Mardi Gras 2013.

An independent inquest into the bashings and arrests at Mardi Gras 2013. We want an independent inquiry. Police should not investigate themselves.

When the event was first posted I planned to go, over the last couple of days though my misgivings grew. There were a lot of people posting on the event page calling police "pigs", criticising the entire NSW Police Force, and generally being every bit as ugly in their behaviour as the people they were criticising. And the more I thought about what the organisers were specifying as the reasons for the rally, the more I became less than comfortable with lending my voice.

I was still undecided about going today, in the end I was stuck at work so late, and was so tired and worn down from my day that the decision not to attend became the easiest choice.

I think it's wonderful that the Sydney queer community is sufficiently privileged that they are able to organise a large-scale rally in such a short time, but I think that the same privilege that enables this level of response also blinds them to broader issues. For me, this wasn't a specifically queer issue. It doesn't matter that the person in handcuffs was gay, it matters that he was handcuffed, clearly distressed, confused, and intoxicated, and that the police response was one of such unnecessary force. I was disturbed by the response of the police in saying that policing in the western suburbs (where the officers involved were from), is different to policing in the city/policing the queer community. I'm concerned that there may be a culture in the police force that gives tacit approval to this kind of police response, and that perhaps it is not the policing that is different in the western suburbs, but rather the culture of the police in those areas, a culture that differs from the carefully built relationship between the police and community in the Sydney LAC. And I fear that these are not isolated incidents, that this shit happens to minority groups everywhere, groups that don't share the overwhelmingly white wealthy educated privilege of the Sydney Queer Community, and don't have the same ability to stand up and have their protests heard, let alone addressed. I'm also immensely bothered that there is no independent body investigating, or even overseeing police investigations, into complaints against the police force.

I think we're missing the point.

In the process of trying to straighten my thoughts enough to write them down here, I read this piece, which makes many points I agree with. In fact he summed it up almost perfectly for me.

... it is unacceptable for us – all of us – to fail to ask ourselves, “What sort of society do I want to live in? What are the powers that we, the governed, consent to bestow on our ‘peacekeepers’? Have those powers expanded too far? Is there adequate accountability to the public?”

And we do well – always – to look beyond our racial, cultural and/or socio-economic silos to see just how much shit other communities cop, and work together to put an end to it.

There's a bigger picture, and by making it a queer issue our focus is just too narrow.

I don't add random strangers, so if you found me on a community and decided to add me, please don't be offended if I don't add you back.

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Yep, kitten-cam... even when they're all just in a big fluffy cuddle pile it's oddly compelling... I have it open in a tab at work and keep flicking back to see what they're doing... it's kind of nice, when everything's a bit shit or someone is being difficult or mean on the phone I can just click and go "awwwww, kittens' :)

Ash is my favorite, she's half again the size of the others but it's mostly fluff, and they're all adorable :)
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Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
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So, I just got this message...

--- facebookgirl97 wrote:
> I was reading a post where you said the following remarks
> women who get raped are responsible because they have vaginas
> and children who drown are to blame for not knowing how to swim
> as well as
> animals who are euthanised at shelters are to blame for being born in litters
> You BITCH are not even HUMAN! get the fuck off my internet and go back to whatever planet you came from because earth is for people!
> you good for nothing disgusting sack of whore-shit!
> I hope you are murdered in the worst way and die slowly!

I sent this back:

Wow... so either you're [ profile] mrmokkori and have been festering your butthurt for 5 months and finally got around to creating a shadow account for the purpose of trolling more.

Or, you're a freaking moron.

If it's the former, if you weren't so pathetic you'd be funny.

If it's the latter, go check the definition of sarcsm, then go re-read the entire thread of comments between me and the moron mentioned above - here's the link

Swallow your bile, sad person.

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but sheesh.... no way am I ignoring that level of stupid and vile personal attack.

Oh, troll also left a comment on my "friends-only" post...

Don't worry I wouldn't add a women hating child hating animal hating
whorebag cunt like you even if my life depended on it!

do the world a favor and kill yourself

I'm so devastated... I was really hoping I could be friends with a random idiot/troll who doesn't understand sarcasm and is incapable of reading accurately and comprehensively. Those are JUST my kind of people. Guess I'll go kill myself now.
House for sale in Glebe has my dream bedroom... the slanted pressed tin ceiling, the attic sloped alcove walls, the polished floor boards, the floor to ceiling timber sash windows, the side windows, the view, even the teeny ensuite bathroom so you don't have to walk down 4 flights of stairs to pee in the middle of the night.... I love it all. Love love love.

... double-bagging a dead rodent and putting it in your freezer for safe-keeping.

My awesome neighbour-flatmate (aka best girl) has an awesome ratter kitty, Fatpants. Fatpants has taken to regularly gifting Best Girl with a dead rat on the back yard path every week or so, and after the last one I said "would it be weird if I asked you to stick the next one in the freezer until I can collect it so I can have the skull?" and best girl gave me her best "you are a fucking nutjob weirdo and I can't believe we're friends" look, (which I am VERY familiar with), and said "Ew".

This morning I went over to make Sunday brunch of wholemeal banana pancakes with cinnamon-honey ricotta (om nom nom) and was amazed and delighted when best girl said "Oh, by the way, there's a dead rat in the freezer for you and you better take it with you when you leave today". Sure enough, sealed inside two sturdy ziplock baggies, there was a very dead, rather frozen, rat, which I dutifully and gratefully brought home with me and is now continuing it's death in my freezer.

I just spent the last half hour or so reading articles and blogs on how best to skeletonise a corpse. As you do. cut for detailed unpleasant progression of topic, don't read it if you're remotely squeamish )
I have the best best-girl ever...
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Psst!! Fluffy!!! Wanna get slippery with a bear?!?

and sliiiiide )
I want all the feelings ... I love these... I love the idea behind them and their simplicity and clean beauty... i wish i could afford at least a few of them...
I don't like camping, and probably never will.... but even I must admit this is a very cool tent!

Yes, it's a Kombi Tent! And it's the exact same size as a real Kombi van... and it's only $450 on ebay ... so then you just need a car that is shaped like a tent and you can really confuse the other campers :)
Todays WTF is brought to you by google maps...

This is a screenshot of Garnet St, Dulwich Hill ... apparently home of the Extraterrestrial Embassy.

I'm just gonna leave that there.
I grabbed the junk mail out of my letterbox this morning on the way to work, as I often do, and as it's stunningly quiet I've been flicking through it all ... this, on the front of the offering from The Shaver Shop, caught my eye... "Congratulations, your tiger now stands proud on the open plain" RARRRRRRR!!!! go tiger!!! Mind... I can't help but note that even after all that careful trimming, it's still just a guy in bed alone with his "tiger" ...



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