Apr. 16th, 2005

This is taken from an email I sent a friend some time ago...

I never cease to be surprised that people I think are incredibly beautiful don't see that about themselves, particularly when they are a more "socially acceptable" kind of beautiful than me, I figure if I can see the beauty I possess when I'm told daily by every image in every media that I should feel nothing but ashamed of how I look, then people who don't get told that should be able to see their own beauty that much clearer... You are beautiful because of the intelligence that makes your eyes shine, the sense of humour that makes you laugh and smile, the courage you have in facing life that makes you stand with your head high, the belief you have in your own value and potential, that makes you strive to be a better person and is the basis of the confidence you project, even when you don't always feel confident, the compassion and kindness you have towards others.... beauty is not about the shape of our bodies, it is the attitude we animate our bodies with, the way we stand head up and facing the world, it's in our smiles and our laughter and the way we treat other people.... the way we think and feel and act colours so effectively over the shape of our body that for anyone but the most superficial of people our physicality is but a small part of our attractiveness.... I have a postcard from the body shop with a picture of an alternative, realistically shaped plastic doll (in obvious challenge to Barbie), and the postcard says "There are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels and only 8 who do" ... I love it :o) And I would bet that for most of those 3 billion other women, there is at least one person who thinks they are the most beautiful person in the world...



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