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It surprises me that I can still be surprised by people who behave badly... for all that I try to be cynical I guess I just can't help but look for the best in people. I must work on that. Kill the inner Pollyanna. KILL! Also, remember to listen closer to the voices emanating from my gut... there's lots of soundproofing between them and my ears but I do still hear them, and I should pay attention and trust them. They know when someone is lying. After all, we've had plenty of experience with liars.


Pleasant evening and dinner out had a shadow cast over it when I arrived back at the station and discovered that some fucker, for no good reason, had ripped the streamers out of Dutchie's handlebars, tearing one apart and leaving it strewn on the footpath in sad little splashes of bright, and chucking the other one in the gutter... pointless and mean. Why are people such haemorrhoids? I salvaged the one from the gutter, but they actually tore the end off the pluggy bit in the handlebar, so the pluggy bit is still stuck in there with no way to get it out, and it would be a bit pathetic and pointless to reattach just one streamer. I am actually quite sad about this, they were a gift, and they made me happy, and I just don't understand why someone would be so mean as to destroy them.


In happier news, riding Dutchie still makes me incredibly happy. Even the short and quick trip to the station in the morning makes me grin, zooming (for me) along with the wind on my face and (until tonight) my streamers snapping beside me. Walking any length of distance makes my feet and back hurt, but nothing hurts when I ride my bike. Except sometimes my bum muscles and thighs coz they're still getting used to being used! But that's a good and satisfying kind of hurt :) Bizarrely I seem to be going backwards in fitness this past week or two, not quite sure why that is. Mind, today was better, so maybe it was just an off week or something. I think maybe next week I will trial getting up a smidge earlier and riding to Canterbury station instead of Campsie. Oh, I also had my first stack off her a couple of weeks ago, so that at least is out of the way! It was quite benign really, a small fluffy dog ran in front of me in the dark on my way home, I hit the brakes hard, swerved, wobbled and didn't get my foot down in time so ended up splatting onto the nature strip. I got a few good bruises from bits of bike jabbing into me, but was otherwise unhurt, the dog was fine, the dogs owner responded with lots of smiling and bowing to my colourful assertions that she should keep her dog on a lead... presumably she didn't understand me, or she is very clever about diffusing angry and shaken fatchicks who've just fallen off their bike. Anyhow, had to happen sooner or later so at least it's done with now and was quite innocuous!

I have plans for clearing out and reorganising my spare room. It's so chockers with STUFF, most of which is stacked and piled in a semi-organised mess under and beside my work table, and it drives me nuts. I hardly ever go in there because it's such an unfathomable mess. So, I am going to have a big freecycle/chuck out, and get some big plastic bins to organise and sort all my craft and sewing bits and pieces, and try and get some cheap shelving to put said bins in/on. I'm also finally getting rid of someone elses stuff I've been storing for 3.5/4 years. PLUS the lovely lovely fluffy is donating an old bookcase that she no longer wants, and is helping me to modify it from a tall widish big shelved unit, to a long low random boxes unit, which we're going to paint in varying shades of pink and white, and which will replace the armchair and stacked stuff in the loungeroom, and let me organise the overcrowded chaos of my current bookcases and CD's, and give me additional storage space in my living area as well... It's exciting :) Ange is Awesome!

That aside, I am really loving having her living across the street. It's unbelievably wonderful being neighbour-flatmates with someone i adore, having the option to hang out together of an evening, debrief and decompress each other from work, share meals, be company, but still have our own places and seperation so there's never the NEED to be together, it's always an option, a choice. It's perfect really. Living with someone but not living with them. I love it, and I love her!

My mum rang me over the weekend and did the mum thing of telling me how they were going to stay with her husbands parents when they come up in a couple of weeks, but now they can't, and she's not sure what they're going to do, and then just leaving it hanging... so of course i said "well you can stay with me", in spite of the voices in my head screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!". So, they're arriving on Monday the 28th, and staying till the Friday, then going up to Evil Nan's surprise birthday party in Grafton over the long weekend, coming back on the Tuesday, and flying home on the following Friday. That's 7 whole nights staying with me. I'm intensely anxious about this. I don't cope well with my mother staying in my house. But at least it's split up and I get the long weekend without them. And it also gives me incentive to get the spare room sorted before they come up!

Spanky and I decided today that we're going to start a business, making fabulous retro style hostess aprons, table ware (napkins, tray cloths, placemats etc), pot holders and tea towels. I'm going to do the sewing and construction, and he's going to embroider fabulous quirky designs on them, and we're going to get a stall at the markets at Addison Rd, and an etsy store. Our business name will be Spam and Tanky :) We have to do it, just so we can use that name :) First however, he needs to learn how to embroider... fortunately this part of it is his idea and something he actually wants to do!

My passport is ready and waiting to be collected from the post office, which I will do on Saturday. Only 33 sleeps till I am in New Zealand with my beloved Goddess! HUZZAH!!! Two weeks in the land of the long white cloud! With a goddess! and horses! and dogs! and chooks! and a psycho cat! She is planning a big "Tam's Here/Belated Birthday (hers)/Halloween" fancy dress party on the 31st and wanted us to dress up together... given our rather different body shapes, this initially caused me some consternation as to what on earth could be appropriate, but then I had a brainwave... we're dressing up as Ariel and Ursula from The Little Mermaid! Put the suggestion to the Goddess and she was highly enthused, so it's a winner! Finally! I have an excuse to make a fabulous black octopus frock! (coz y'know, THAT will get HEAPS of wear!!). I also get to make a mermaid skirt for the Goddess :) My only other idea was circus showgirl and fat/bearded lady, which would also be fun and fabulous, but underwater critters it shall be. Yes, there will be photos :)

That's enough blather for now... other than to say that my life is pretty good right now. I am happy, I am reasonably healthy (and getting healthier), I have wonderful friends, I am surrounded by love and laughter, and all of that makes the moments of crappiness not only bearable, but gives me the ability to shrug it off after the initial grr has worn off, rather than hanging onto and stewing on it like i used to. I like being me :)
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