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It surprises me that I can still be surprised by people who behave badly... for all that I try to be cynical I guess I just can't help but look for the best in people. I must work on that. Kill the inner Pollyanna. KILL! Also, remember to listen closer to the voices emanating from my gut... there's lots of soundproofing between them and my ears but I do still hear them, and I should pay attention and trust them. They know when someone is lying. After all, we've had plenty of experience with liars.


Pleasant evening and dinner out had a shadow cast over it when I arrived back at the station and discovered that some fucker, for no good reason, had ripped the streamers out of Dutchie's handlebars, tearing one apart and leaving it strewn on the footpath in sad little splashes of bright, and chucking the other one in the gutter... pointless and mean. Why are people such haemorrhoids? I salvaged the one from the gutter, but they actually tore the end off the pluggy bit in the handlebar, so the pluggy bit is still stuck in there with no way to get it out, and it would be a bit pathetic and pointless to reattach just one streamer. I am actually quite sad about this, they were a gift, and they made me happy, and I just don't understand why someone would be so mean as to destroy them.

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I had such a lovely day yesterday :) I had a wee bit of a sleep in, and then was productive around the house with washing and stuffs... then I strapped my polka dot panniers to my pushy and headed off down to the shops, where I loaded them up with super cheap vegies, and a loaf of bread.

I freaking LOVE World of Fruit at Campsie, I'm soooo broke, and with payday not until Wednesday I had $20 to buy sufficient groceries to feed myself until then. After doing a pantry stocktake I realised that I had the base fixings for a pasta dish or two, risotto, and curry. Now, meat is expensive, so I'm a veggo this week... for $9.50 at World Of Fruit, I bought a 1kg bag of zucchinis, a 1kg bag of broccoli, 2 large eggplants, 2 tomatoes, 3 very large potatoes, and 1 red onion. With that and what I have in my pantry, I can make: creamy zucchini and broccoli pasta bake, vegie pasta with a red sauce, eggplant and potato curry, broccoli and tuna risotto, stir-fried garlic broccoli, garlic mash with roast zucchini and eggplant... lots of nominess :) I am the queen of eating well on not much money, they should put me on one of those horrid today tonight type stories on How To Feed Your Family For $30 a week. I have plenty of good healthy yummy food for dinners, enough for leftovers for lunches, a loaf of fresh delish bread from teh bakery for $2 for brekky toast.... I win!

So, once loaded up with vegies, I donned my helmet once more and rode my bike all the way to Leesa and Huons, exploring the sneaky back way which cuts out the big scary hills and main roads/traffic. It only took about 15/20 minutes, including getting off to walk up a hill, and across a footbridge. And it was AWESOME fun! I love my bike, love love love her! I'm still hilariously unfit, but even in the couple of weeks I've had her I feel like that's improving, I'm WAY more confident on her now and ride in with the traffic without too much worry... except for the fact that I am still too scared to take either hand off the handlebars to either make hand signals for where I am turning, or flip off annoying drivers who honk at me for having the temerity to be a fatchick on a pushy on the road that they have to overtake...

I then spent the afternoon hanging out with Leesa and Huon, and then Robin turned up, then Ange and Shane arrived, then Aaron, then Dean, and finally Tim. Throughout the afternoon I polished 6 pairs of boots and one rubber kilt, which made me all kinds of happy because, well, I love polishing boots, and I love being of service to others, and I loved being able to send my beloveds off to Inqui with shiny shiny boots to complement their gorgeous outfits!

It was so much fun being there and part of everyone getting ready for Inqui, helping with this outfit, plaiting that hair, lining up boots, tightening that corset... having a bit of a dance in the loungeroom :) I was asked a few times by different folk if I would change my mind about going, but as much as I loved and was enjoying the pre-inqui fun, I was not even remotely tempted to change my mind. The thing I love most about big parties is getting ready with the urban family, the chaos and fun and excitement of 8 people in one house all getting glam at the same time, helping each other with outfits hair and makeup, admiring the unveiling of gorgeous outfits that have been made just for this night and kept a secret until now... that's the bit I love the most, and without the anxiety of a big scary party underlying it I enjoyed it even more last night. My only regret is that I didn't get to see ALL the family in their Inqui finery... but I'm sure everyone looked stunning :)

As everyone left to catch the bus, I took Ange's car and brought it home, had a sammich for dinner, watched some teevee and then went to bed rather happy and content.

Today I am just pottering about the house and waiting for the call of "Taaaaaaam, can you come and drive us to maccas??", and will then hang about at the Den with the post-trashies, collect my bike and ride to best-boys for the making of cupcakes, and then home again.


catching up

Jun. 9th, 2009 10:28 pm
I've been so slack with the journalling of life, but I'm working on catching up...

The Holiday with Michelle - including birthday shenanigans, nakedness, Asado, and general love )
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I have a Michelle :) I love having a Michelle :)

I had an early birthday present/surprise today... best boy told me last Monday that I had to be available in the early afternoon today for my birthday present... so I mentioned to Michelle that I would have to leave her alone on Saturday afternoon... she pouted... so today we got dressed, I dressed "nice" as suggested, and Michelle was in her jeans and top as usual, and we headed into town... me to meet best boy, and her to do some shopping until I called her again...

Met up with best boy, and headed into the QVB and upstairs to The Tea Room... yay surprise High Tea!! (ok, not entirely a surprise coz I had kind of sort of guessed)... he excused himself and left me to wait in the foyer while he went to the bathroom.. he was gone a rather long time, came back and mentioned that there was a little window where you could see through into one of the small domes usually blocked off ... which sounded cool so we went back down the corridor to have a look, and it was very cool... the sandstone blocks of the inner building and the timber lining of the dome... very very cool!

So then we headed back out and who should be standing there, all dressed up in a fabulous frock and high heels, but Michelle! Those sneaky brats!! It was very lovely and happy-making :)

So we went in and had high tea... which was just delightful...

I am lucky and spoilt and blessed...

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I have a sick... woke up at 4am and spent half an hour vomiting violently, went back to bed, woke up again at 10ish, more vomiting... laid about feeling miserable for a while, tried a cup of weak black tea, more vomiting... more laying about... tried a glass of water... vomiting... over it. Have managed to not vomit for four and a half hours now, which is excellent, but I suspect it's only because there's absolutely nothing aside from a couple of organs left to vomit out... i am so not game to put anything else in my stomach... still feeling decidedly queasy and blah...

Yesterday was a much better day... got to see inside Ange's new pad, which is LOVELY, then accompanied her to pick up a bookcase, and back to the den for ANZAC day BBQ, which was all kinds of fun and happiness and silliness and lazing about in the backyard... huzzah for urban family fabulousness!
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I've been a little quiet on the actual journalling of my life these past few weeks. I keep meaning to, and composing things in my head to post on here at a later time, but then never quite getting to it.

I had a few weeks of craziness and learnt a valuable lesson about the dangers of letting my meds run out, then I got more meds and had some more craziness getting back on them (and in both instances I do mean "craziness" in the context of "really quite nuts", rather than the "gosh my life is busy and chaotic right now" way). The last couple of weeks I have been gradually stabilising and getting back to some semblance of what passes for normal these days. I am more inclined to use any journalling as a form of therapy, dumping all the bad stuff and negative thoughts and things that are bothering me, attention-whoring when I feel insecure, and ignoring it when I am doing ok. It ends up as a somewhat unbalanced record of life unfortunately, but that's part of why I haven't been journalling so much lately.

The other reason is that I have been writing fiction. I seem to have hit a creative burst and am feeling compelled to write quite a lot. Different ideas for stories keep popping into my head, and I find myself frequently wishing that I could just be at home in the peace and quiet of my nest with my laptop, a bottle of coke zero and a pack of smokes, writing and creating. Any other writing feels kind of pointless, sucking up precious time that I could be writing stories by writing about my own life. And in some ways the worlds of my fictions feel more real to me, a sure sign I'm living too much in my head perhaps.

Some things have dragged me away from my head, and managed to filter through to my reality however.

I had the joy of babysitting Roisin. She is just the most delightful and adorable baby ever! Spent close to an hour and a half hanging out and playing with her, and laughing at her antics, we even had a dance to the music from one of her toys. Too soon it was her bedtime, and I can honestly say I have never babysat a child who was as easy to put to bed as she is. I spent the rest of the night in front of my laptop writing writing writing. But Kitty, if you're reading this, I love your little girl and ANY time you need a babysitter feel free to give me a call :)

The day after (Sunday 15th) I trekked to conservative straightsville (Oatley) for the christening of Maeve. I was there early and sat across the road from the catholic church in the shade, feeling conspicuous and wishing I could be at home in bed, or at home writing, or anywhere else but there. I felt even more conspicuous as the morning service finished and the congregation started piling out of the church. It made me reflect on the places I go and people I see on a regular basis... the parts of Sydney that I frequent are shared by people from a mix of races, backgrounds, and stations in life. I always find it somewhat disconcerting then when I am forced to venture into other parts of Sydney that seem to have been forgotten by time and immigration. The christening was fortunately very quick, especially for a catholic service, we had the most no-nonsense priest I've ever seen... there were three babies being christened, and we were in and out of the church in just under 25 minutes. NICE! The whole congregation laughed at Maeve when the priest was asking the parents and godparents if they rejected Satan and she chose that moment to blow a raspberry :) Everyone walked down the hill afterwards to the pub for lunch and drinks and celebrating... I stuck it out for an hour and then ran away. I knew barely anyone and it was a room full of straight married couples, and old people... eep!

School night fun was had last week... couching with bb, cheapo-day-before-pay-day dinner provided by me, cider and movie provided by him... we watched Tin Man, which is a very cool "re-imagining" of the Wizard of Oz, starring Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming (he's the scarecrow, and has a zipper down the middle of his head where his brain was taken out)... it's a fair bit darker, there are moments that seem rather Tim Burton inspired, and overall I highly recommend it!! it was originally made as a TV mini-series, so it's on two DVD's, which we didn't realise, so by the time we watched all of it (there was no question of stopping after the first one) it was rather late, but well worth staying up for!

The next evening I went from work to the Den for a play date with [livejournal.com profile] freeq... she strung me up between the columns and flogged the snot out of me... literally... there was smacking and punching to warm up... soooooooo long since anyone has punched me, sweet jeebus it was nice. Then came the flogging, she worked through a few different floggers, the ones I remember are the big thuddy red one, which is lovely and like a loving massage and makes me go all melty, and the cat, which stings and bites and hurts like hell and I fucking love it! The joy of playing in private, with someone you know and trust, is that there is no need to take the sensibilities or concerns of anyone who might be watching into account as well, and you can keep going past when you may have to stop in public. For instance, when the person being flogged is blubbing, with tears and snot running down her face, and giggling at the same time, and completely incoherent and incapable of speaking... coz that's where I got to, and darling gorgeous wonderful Freeq didn't stop at that point... *happy sigh* ... I discovered that being strung up between columns instead of against a cross means that even with hands cuffed and bound out to the sides above my head, I can turn 180 degrees when my boobies are being whacked with a little flogger... which was hilarious and I was terribly pleased with myself (in that brattish way I have) until she just stepped in close behind me so I was stuck with my arms crossed above my head and I had zero options when she reached around with a crop to whack at my boobies... other than standing there and squealing and giggling :) It was so much fun :) When she eventually let me down, my back was ridged and solid, burning hot and deliciously aching :) I puddled on the couch, happy puddle of Tam... and then at some point after we'd both come down a bit, she made the nommest steak sandwiches ever... twas a very awesome date :)

More updating later...
Saturday: It was disgustingly hot and revolting... in spite of that, Rin and Frank collected me in the morning and took me to go and pick up the ensemble base from Kath and Seans new place and delivered it and me home again. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! After that was sorted I escaped to the Den where there was a Leesa and Huon and Ange and AIR CONDITIONING!!! huzzah for air con! final preps were done for Gurlesque, naps were had, and then the southerly hit and we went outside and praised Jeebus for dropping the temperature by a good 10 degrees!

Gurlesque: Was fabulous!!! I've not been when it's been at the Manning Bar before, so had no idea what the stage/venue was like but was very happy when I walked in... it's such a good venue! And the stage is HUGE!!!! Leesa and I performed in the first bracket of shows, and had a lot of fun up on stage. The size of the stage meant that I could run away from her ... favorite bit of that for me was when I made a run for the side of the stage and she caught me at the door and dragged me by the back of my bloomers :) That made me laugh a little :) But yeah, I think we managed to be nasty, dirty, sexy and funny, and seemed to get a good reaction from the whole audience, quite a few compliments afterwards from friends and strangers alike, was very good :) There were some fabulous shows throughout the night and a bevy of hotness on stage and on gogo podiums and outside on the balcony too :)

Sunday: Ms Lesley and Marekai collected me and we took the dogs to the Leichhardt Dog Park... I've not been to Disneyland, but I think that the Dog Park may well rival it for the happiest place on earth. Dogs everywhere running around and playing and getting pats from strangers, the humans have a cafe to get coffee from and everyone is friendly, talking to each other and playing with everyones dogs.. it's fabulous! And for someone like me, who loves dogs but is starved of their company out of necessity it's a joyous dose of canine delight :) After the dog park we went back to Lesley's for lunch and admiring the new bathroom... I have to take my toiletries and towel next time I visit... the shower looks AMAZING!

Sunday evening I spent two hours on the phone with the Goddess in NZ, which was very good indeed... gosh I miss her. But it was wonderful talking to her :)

Then I got another phone call which made me squee and do the happy dance... and then think "oh my god I have to clean"... so after pulling apart my old bed, and setting up the ensemble, and doing reasonable sane tidying and cleaning, it was suddenly 2am and I was vacuuming the venetian blinds in my bedroom. Yeah... my neighbours must love me. I did eventually stop and go to bed about 3am. So much for getting an early night :/

Monday: Lesley collected me again and we went to Kate's for haircutting (lesley's hair) and lounging, joined by Ange... Lesley got hot new hair phwoooar :) In the afternoon we visited Kath and Sean at their gorgeous new abode and celebrated their new shacked-up status, and then Ange delivered me home again... for more cleaning and general faffing about and being quietly nervous and dressing up a bit and then, by order, sitting and relaxing for an hour.

Then my date arrived.

Yeah... that was fun :) Really fun :) Thank you Sir :)



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