Monday evening i went to my first beginners guitar class, there's about 12 people in the class, an interesting mix of people... the eldest is probably the middle-aged NESB man who keeps interrupting to tell the teacher that he has a disability, most of the class I'd guess between late 20s to late 30s, a few others like me who got their guitar as a gift and finally got around to learning to play it, a lovely irish girl who sings in a band and writes songs but can't play an instrument so decided to fix that, and another girl who sings and plays various other instruments and wrote her first song when she was 4 and now feels the need to add the guitar to her repertoire. The teacher's name is Dylan and he seems nice, he reminds me of someone but I'm not sure who... anyhow, he's a good teacher, good guitar player, and very laidback and casual. He explained he's not going to bog us down with theory and stuff, it's more about actually picking up guitars and playing ... which is good for me! So to kick off we learned the Peter Gunn Theme (you'd know it if you heard it) and Smoke on the Water... i can play both recognisably but not super well... I'm practicing each night and paying my neighbours back for all the screaming children with the smoke on the water riff over and over and over with interspersed swearing when I fuck it up!!! I'm so ROCK!!! \m/

I think I'm already playing better than I did after months of trying to teach myself! I suck at learning from books, I need to see and do...

Tomorrow evening I'm off to my other community college course, Corset-making!! I'm very excited :)

In other news, this afternoon I saw the final 20 from So You Think You Can Dance, they danced across the intersection at Taylor Square and off down Oxford St... no cameras in evidence, so I figure they were on their way somewhere and the dancing across the intersection was just what happens when a bunch of young enthusiastic dancers cross the road together??? It certainly wasn't coordinated dancing...
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Dear friends of the perverted and not so perverted variety,

I'm wondering things about education, partly due to my recent involvement in SLPA education subcommittee, and also just in general...

Where did/do you learn about kink, SM, and the how-to's of things that intrigue you?

Do you think formal education is important or are you more a school-of-life learner? Balance of both perhaps?

What kind of workshops would you be interested in attending? Skills based? (what skills?) Lifestyle based? (D/s? slave training?) Sex based? (how to fist? give head? sex magic? tantric sex?) Psychology? Imagine there could be a workshop for anything and everything you could want... what would they be?

What attracts you to formal workshops? and conversely, what makes you disinclined to attend them?

Would you be interested in teaching workshops? What subject(s) would you like to teach?

Do you (or have you) mentor(ed) newer kinksters in the past?

Feel free to answer one or all of teh questions... ask questions yourself... throw in suggestions and share your thoughts on the experience of learning as it pertains to this wide wonderful world of queer kinky pervertedness :)

I just posted the same bunch of questions on the badgrrls list as well, so for those of you on that feel free to answer here or there... but those of you not, I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts. I want to try and do stuff with SLPA education next year, so I'm starting the info gathering process now with friends :) And this includes overseas friends too, I know some of you can offer some good thoughts and suggestions so please feel free!!



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