Prince is a dirty dirty little man.


I'm all kinda flustered now...
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Last week while having coffee with best boy, we realised that we were listening to some... interesting... music in the background... so we enquired.

And so came my introduction to The Puppinni Sisters, three talented lasses who sing in the style of the Andrews Sisters, and cover songs of that style... such as Mr Sandman...

They also do covers of more modern songs, in three part, swung, jazzish, Andrews-sister-esque harmonies... songs such as:

I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)

Walk Like An Egyptian (The Bangles)

Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush)

Wrong, and yet strangely fabulous... other noteworthy covers are Heart Of Glass (Blondie), and Crazy In Love (Beyonce) ... the cafe owner had his laptop there, and their two cd's on his laptop, best boy had a memory stick, woot for technology coz I've been singing along to fabulous and wrong songs all week :)
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I LOVE this...

Approximately 200 dancers in Central Station, Antwerp... in the style of Improv Everywhere ...

I frequently envisage people around me breaking into choreographed dance routines and song, like they do in musicals... I want my life to be a musical... this comes close :) Plus it gets sentimental points for being in Antwerp Central Station :)
Just home from the Taronga concert, which was FABULOUS!! S&T picked me up and we had an adventurous ride in the car, which had overheated on teh trip from Wollongong, and proceeded to do so very quickly again, so the whole 30 minute trip was fraught with anxiety of the "will we make it or will the engine explode?" kind... but we made it and found a fairly good spot in spite of being quite late... they had brought all the picnic as this was my Christmas present from them, the ticket and the picnic and the whole night out... it was really lovely to be just treated to a night out without me having to do any organising or thinking or doing, I can't remember the last time I've been that spoilt :o) so we had our gourmet picnic overlooking Sydney Harbour as the sun slowly sank on perfect blue skies, with the general happy festive air of lots of people picnicking in a beautiful spot in excited anticipation of a great concert, and it was indeed a fabulous concert! the band was Swing City, who are a fabulous "big band" style band, led by the flamboyant and incredibly talented John Morrison, and all the music was Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald classics, sung by Frank Bennett and Monica Trapaga respectively, both fabulous artists in their own right! It was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, the company excellent and the music divine, one of those intensely happy moments in life when everything just seems really good!! After the horror of last weekend this one has just been the complete opposite... it really reaffirms how much I LOVE my urban family and how incredibly important they are to me.... I'm very full of love and appreciation for the fickle finger of fate or divine intervention that surrounded me with such an abundance of wonderful friends who really are my family, it's nice to have people in my life who i love unreservedly, and by whom I feel loved in return... maybe the world isn't such a bad scary place after all :o)



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