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I ain't sleeping so good... consequently i am having trouble waking up in the morning... this morning was completely made of fail.. starting with sleeping through alarm, and then proceeding with a litany of misadventures, ending with me being exactly one hour late for work. Epic Fail.

I miss snogging... I haven't had a good snog in AGES... I am particularly in the mood to have someone bite my bottom lip today. *shrug*

Dinner at Lisa's last night was good... I made experimental dessert, it was delish! Bought little ready made meringue cases, double cream, tim-tams, strawberries, and chocolate dipping sauce. Crushed a couple of tim-tams fairly fine (using the ziploc baggie and whacking-with-a-saucepan method), mixed them up with a few tablespoons of the double cream, stuck it in the fridge for an hour or so, it went all lovely and firm, kind of like a solid ganache consistency. Spooned a good mound of that on top of the meringue, arranged slices of strawberries on top in classic strawberry tart arrangement, and drizzled chocolate sauce over the top... not particularly healthy, but NOM!

Need coffee... can't focus.

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I made risotto for dinner... I've never made risotto before, but I love it, and I keep reading food blogs and recipes, and I figured I needed to give it a shot. I felt I had a sufficient understanding of the general theory, so I just went ahead and made it up as I went...

Leek, Mushroom, and Smoked Chicken risotto... it was good! Very very good! I made far too much, but fortunately I was cooking at Ange's house, so she helped me eat it and we have leftovers for tomorrow... and maybe tuesday...

It wasn't AWESOME, but it was definitely good, and with some practice and finessing I reckon risotto is going to be a regular feature on my rota of Awesome Foods I Cook... huzzah!!
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I remember when i was a kid, Evil Nanna would make me eat brussels sprouts... they were boiled whole, soggy, revolting. I've not eaten them since I was old enough to stand up to her.

I keep reading on foodie blogs of people putting them in stir-frys, sauteeing them, and loving the sprouts. Whilst wandering the supermarket this evening looking for a cheap green option for dinner, I noticed that sprouts were a mere $3 a kilo... so I thought I'd be brave and revisit.

Cut the bottom bits off, quartered them, threw a knob of butter into a hot pan, added a chopped clove of garlic, let the butter start to brown then threw in the sprouts, sauteed and stirred till they were bright green and starting to get limp then tipped them out.


Turned the heat up, threw a half piece of rump steak in and cooked it in the leftover butter and garlic, and that was dinner.

So yum. Brussels Sprouts are GOOD!! they will be finding their way to my plate on a very regular basis I'm thinking!



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