I have a very sore throat and feel flushed... dear jeebus let me not be getting sick... had the flu shot on Monday, hopefully it's just a very slight temporary reaction to that...

I found out this morning that bestie has had to explain a couple of times to unnamed folk that my hair is not an attempt to compensate for, or distract from anything, I just like having cool hair. *sigh*. Part of me thinks that, in addition to finding out that work people have made similar judgements, now finding out that friends/acquaintances have as well, maybe i was right in my suspicion that i'm neither cool enough, or attractive enough, or stylish enough to have a diagonal zigzaggy mohawk... and the rest of me is angry ... coz clearly fat chicks should keep their head down and blend in as much as possible and not do anything that might draw attention to themselves in any way, and any attempt to be noticeably individual with piercings, or a hairstyle, or whatever, is patently an attempt to distract people from the fact that they're fat... whatever... it's insulting, that they think I'm stupid enough to think that that would work, that they assume I want to even try and distract people from my weight... I'm fucking huge, I could get a weave in the shape of the moulin rouge complete with turning windmill and flashing lights and people would STILL notice that I'm fat... I think I'm going to make a skirt and stencil across the bum "no-one noticed my fat arse when I had punk hair" ...
So I've read two very seperate news reports today that both deal with homophobia related in some way to healthcare, indirectly and very directly... and it has me a bit pissed off... long rant about legislated homophobia )



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