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I had such a lovely day yesterday :) I had a wee bit of a sleep in, and then was productive around the house with washing and stuffs... then I strapped my polka dot panniers to my pushy and headed off down to the shops, where I loaded them up with super cheap vegies, and a loaf of bread.

I freaking LOVE World of Fruit at Campsie, I'm soooo broke, and with payday not until Wednesday I had $20 to buy sufficient groceries to feed myself until then. After doing a pantry stocktake I realised that I had the base fixings for a pasta dish or two, risotto, and curry. Now, meat is expensive, so I'm a veggo this week... for $9.50 at World Of Fruit, I bought a 1kg bag of zucchinis, a 1kg bag of broccoli, 2 large eggplants, 2 tomatoes, 3 very large potatoes, and 1 red onion. With that and what I have in my pantry, I can make: creamy zucchini and broccoli pasta bake, vegie pasta with a red sauce, eggplant and potato curry, broccoli and tuna risotto, stir-fried garlic broccoli, garlic mash with roast zucchini and eggplant... lots of nominess :) I am the queen of eating well on not much money, they should put me on one of those horrid today tonight type stories on How To Feed Your Family For $30 a week. I have plenty of good healthy yummy food for dinners, enough for leftovers for lunches, a loaf of fresh delish bread from teh bakery for $2 for brekky toast.... I win!

So, once loaded up with vegies, I donned my helmet once more and rode my bike all the way to Leesa and Huons, exploring the sneaky back way which cuts out the big scary hills and main roads/traffic. It only took about 15/20 minutes, including getting off to walk up a hill, and across a footbridge. And it was AWESOME fun! I love my bike, love love love her! I'm still hilariously unfit, but even in the couple of weeks I've had her I feel like that's improving, I'm WAY more confident on her now and ride in with the traffic without too much worry... except for the fact that I am still too scared to take either hand off the handlebars to either make hand signals for where I am turning, or flip off annoying drivers who honk at me for having the temerity to be a fatchick on a pushy on the road that they have to overtake...

I then spent the afternoon hanging out with Leesa and Huon, and then Robin turned up, then Ange and Shane arrived, then Aaron, then Dean, and finally Tim. Throughout the afternoon I polished 6 pairs of boots and one rubber kilt, which made me all kinds of happy because, well, I love polishing boots, and I love being of service to others, and I loved being able to send my beloveds off to Inqui with shiny shiny boots to complement their gorgeous outfits!

It was so much fun being there and part of everyone getting ready for Inqui, helping with this outfit, plaiting that hair, lining up boots, tightening that corset... having a bit of a dance in the loungeroom :) I was asked a few times by different folk if I would change my mind about going, but as much as I loved and was enjoying the pre-inqui fun, I was not even remotely tempted to change my mind. The thing I love most about big parties is getting ready with the urban family, the chaos and fun and excitement of 8 people in one house all getting glam at the same time, helping each other with outfits hair and makeup, admiring the unveiling of gorgeous outfits that have been made just for this night and kept a secret until now... that's the bit I love the most, and without the anxiety of a big scary party underlying it I enjoyed it even more last night. My only regret is that I didn't get to see ALL the family in their Inqui finery... but I'm sure everyone looked stunning :)

As everyone left to catch the bus, I took Ange's car and brought it home, had a sammich for dinner, watched some teevee and then went to bed rather happy and content.

Today I am just pottering about the house and waiting for the call of "Taaaaaaam, can you come and drive us to maccas??", and will then hang about at the Den with the post-trashies, collect my bike and ride to best-boys for the making of cupcakes, and then home again.

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Dearest Darlingest Urban Family and Familiars,

I shall not be at Inqui tomorrow night. I have a fistful of reasons, that can all be summed up by saying it's just the best decision for me right now. And I know it's the right decision because as soon as I made it I felt relieved and happier.

I shall miss seeing you all looking super glam and hot and sexy so make sure you get photos please! I am sure you will all have a SPLENDID night, and I look forward to the tales of trashed debauchery experience has taught me to expect :)

Have fun, be safe, be dirty, look after each other, tell me all about it next time you see me :)

me xo



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