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I was up and out of the house ridiculously early this morning, I was on the train at 6:54am. I am never even awake at that time usually. But by 7:20 I was milling on a platform at Central Station with about 25 other members of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir, and two folks from Nova FM radio station... the train pulled in, we started singing and piled on... we were heading for Redfern, and so there were about 4 people total in the carriage. FAIL! We sang all the way to Redfern, got off, kept singing for a bit and then stopped. It was silly and pointless and funny and fun... and at least Redfern station was full of people who were bemused and amused by a bunch of queers singing gospel at 7:30 in the morning!

I was at work at 8:15am. TOT nearly fell of her chair when I walked through the door with my coffee in hand 45 minutes earlier than usual. Speaking of work, the unheard of has happened, we're being paid to do overtime!! the next however many Saturdays it takes, starting tomorrow, we're transferring old Alcohol & Drug patient records onto the database and shredding the paper files, huuuuuuuge and mind-numbing task but it's time and a half for the first two hours, and double time after that, so for 8 hours every saturday, and probably at least a month of saturdays, I'm in. At least I have a rostered day off this Monday so I still get a proper weekend :)

I've participated in absolutely nothing related to Gay Xmess this year, other than singing on the train this morning... I may go and watch the parade as I'll be finishing work at 4pm two blocks away, but honestly, I probably won't as I'd be on my own and I need backup in a crowd... we'll see.

I had a haircut on Tuesday night, yay for proper fringe i can see past and velvety shaved undercut :) Unfortunately the scheduling meant I only made it to one aquarobics class this week, and with no aquaporko tomorrow I feel guilty for not doing enough... shall try for Monday morning 'robics class so I get three classes next week. Also, I think I may have found another exercisey thing I want to try... hooping! I went here: http://www.hooping.org/ and there are instructions on making your own hoop and making it the right size so that it's easier (bigger IS better!) and there's a community forum including a curvy hoopers forum, and apparently it's really good for cardio and core strength, and once you start doing more moves you can workout arms and legs as well, and it looks like FUN, and ... y'know... Hula Hooping!!!! so yeah, I shall try to get to Bunnings on the weekend and price some irrigation tubing to make me a hoop :) Best boy promised that if I buy/make myself a hoop, he will buy me the instructional DVD for learning tricks and stuff, yay :) speaking of best boy, he bought me a water bottle for to encourage me to drink more water and less coffee and coke zero... it's PINK!

it holds a bit over 600ml, and it's working coz I've emptied it into me nearly three times today already :) I still failed hard at sticking to one coffee today however, but y'know, I got four hours sleep last night and a very early start, so I needed something to keep me upright. I've managed to stick to one coffee every other day this week, and still no coke, or anything else either.

I have matching bruises across the tops of both my knees, and no idea how they got there. Perplexing.

I need Red Lipstick. A shade of red that looks good on me. This is my current mission in life, to find a fan-fucking-tastic red lippy for me.

So. Tired. But i can leave work now, yay!!!!



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