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I got a bit worried on Friday when mum emailed me and asked what my weekend plans were, because that's very out of character for her... I thought "oh, she's suspicious and fishing", so I replied and blithely lied with weekend commitments...

Flew down early on Saturday morning, and was met at the airport by her husband (who I call Roger, even though his name is Silvio). He had told mum he was going fishing, and got friends of theirs in on it as well to further allay suspicion, so when Michelle called mum for their weekly gossip on Friday she casually threw in "Greg wants to know what time Silvio is picking him up tomorrow to go fishing?"... it's a good hour and a bit drive from Launceston to thier place, so we got home about lunch time, and Roger went in first and called out "Come see what I caught"... mum had absolutely NO idea, not even a smidge of suspicion... she came out into the hallway and I sooooooooo wish I'd had a camera to get a pic of her face, it was absolutely priceless! She started crying and ran down the hallway and hugged me so hard I thought I was gonna pop! She spent the next hour in almost constant contact with me, hugging me, holding my hand, patting my head, kissing me, and saying over and over "I can't believe it, I just can't believe it". YAY!!!!!! I'm so impressed that we managed to surprise her, mum is notoriously nosy and switched on and suspicious!!

The weekend was quite lovely, we didn't do much really, hung out on Saturday afternoon/evening, chatting and baking cookies, and playing scrabble... Sunday we went to Penguin for the markets, and had lunch in a lovely cafe right on the water, and mum bought me some fabulous fabric from the markets (bright pink fluffy fleecy with elephants all over for $2/m huzzah!) and we went home and I sewed new jarmies (ooohhhh the luxury of sewing with an overlocker!). Monday we had a look at the house mum wants to buy if she sells hers in time, hung out in Sheffield (her nearest town), did some errands, and then drove over to Launceston for more errands and stuff, checked in for my flight and found out it was delayed, went for dinner, went back to airport and found it was delayed even further, hung out at the airport, eventually the plane turned up, mum and roger went home, I got on it and came home... very laid back weekend, but it was nice, she only drove me a little bit mad right towards the very end, and it was all totally worth it to give her such a good surprise... it makes me very happy to have made her so happy :)
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Does anyone on my f'list have Missy Elliot or Hilltop Hoods CD's? It's not for me...

On the way in this morning the bus was packed, so I was standing right at the front, and did my usual "Good morning how are you?" when I dipped my ticket... this driver usually ignores anything any passenger says, but I got a response this morning!! Now, you have to imagine this in a flat, droll monotone with a german accent, ok? (I mean, you can imagine it in a lilting jamaican accent if you like, but bus driver had the german monotone... I just sounded like me, but if you want to imagine me with an accent, by all means... )

Me: Good morning how are you?
Him: Morning for sure, good not so much. On Sydney buses it is never good, never never good.
Me: Oh, dear, maybe it's time for a change in jobs then?
Him: 30 years ago was time for take your advice, go and be potato farmer.
Me: Well it's never too late (as he shuts the doors, and the traffic lights change, blocking us at the stop)
Him: 13 minutes later from getting to this stop and still here, and people ask why buses run late. Because everything is always too late.

I kind of wanted to give him a hug and pats... but also found it hard not to laugh, the dour germanic monotone made it seem somehow amusing...

Surprise Tam did a mad mercy dash across the city in her lunch break today, tackling sydney buses, dodging shoppers and lunchers, swinging past The Cupcake Factory for to purchase a chili chocolate cupcake and deliver it to someone in desperate need of a Surprise Tam, a big hug and a chili chocolate cupcake... the grin when I was spotted outside recipients office and the greeting of "you're a bit mental, you are", and the hugging and the grinning made all the mad dashing entirely worth it :) Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to make someone elses crap day better :)

Then I came back to the office and taught the potplant about "magic hands"... he was having trouble printing reports from teh database, and asked if I'd print it for him... so I did, and after clicking print I did the magic woo-woo hands at the computer and then waved them towards the printer and as I waved them at the printer, the little light came on and it revved up and out popped his report. He was confused as to why it printed for me and not him, so I said "Magic Woo-Woo Hands" and made him try it, and LO!! his reports printed!! He thinks I'm a nutter, but it WORKED and so i told him he may just have to do that all the time now. He needs to pull the stick out of his backside and learn to laugh at himself, I've never met anyone so terrified of being caught doing anything remotely fun or silly.

I have a wee bit of mania today... well... right now at least... oh, and for anyone wondering yes I am back on my meds as of Tuesday... yay me!

We shall soon return you to your regular programming.



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